Bennett Springs babysitter Jareth Harries-Markham facing total of 194 child sex charges - ABC News

2021.09.20 09:38 zsmithworks Bennett Springs babysitter Jareth Harries-Markham facing total of 194 child sex charges - ABC News

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2021.09.20 09:38 bat_chest @markovbaj

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2021.09.20 09:38 Affectionate-Piece31 Trading Travel Companions ( Destiny 2 / Genshin Impact Crossover )

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2021.09.20 09:38 redstrik Shekarabi: Familjeveckan en del i budgeten - DN.SE

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2021.09.20 09:38 STR8_GOAL52 This only got my 7 smithing levels and I want to cry

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2021.09.20 09:38 Brokenelevator01 [N levels] how do y’all study for history??

I’m struggling to study cold war I feel like all my points are eveywhere. do y’all have a method of studying history ?? Tips plsss
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2021.09.20 09:38 Cowicide Know your enemy.

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2021.09.20 09:38 ralton19 tengo un perro peludito

denme consejos para criarlo por favor ya tiene 3 años de edad esta grande :)
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2021.09.20 09:38 apple976 moving to

moving to so im just moving to
it has some unique stuff here
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2021.09.20 09:38 YextFE hmmm

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2021.09.20 09:38 Dogface_Gaming G920 on Xbox keeps cutting out and switching to controller

So I drive a g920 on f12021 on my Xbox one, I also use my controller for sound and sometimes, like right now, this stupid thing happens where the steering get really limited or just loses completely and I can’t steer at all. I am guessing it is something to do with the controller. It really sucks cause I’m trynna enjoy my birthday but this stupid glitch is pissing me off. Any help would be appreciated.
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2021.09.20 09:38 riawwq9 I (24F) was a child bride at the age of 6. AMA

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2021.09.20 09:38 AnxiousLavishness542 Early Access - ONA?

What does it mean that Ona is on Early Access for 1 more day?
Doesn't she come with the battle pass, which is active another 60+?
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2021.09.20 09:38 JuicyGravitas Legendary Pokemon, explained badly.

I have nothing else to do, and it's really late in the evening. Wasting my last hours of daytime, I've compiled a list of every mythical and legendary, but their designs are described as if somebody had no idea what Pokemon was and got drunk while looking at them. If you want to join in and make your own, go ahead, just credit me. These 'Mons are not in order, and with the debate on whether they're legends or not, I'll do the Ultra Beasts separately.
Let's get started.
Heatran: Motorcycle-shaped lava frog demon.
Articuno: Frozen flappy bird.
Moltres: Flappy bird but cooked a little bit too much.
Zapdos: Flappy bird on crack.
Mewtwo: Garfield if he was a Lilo and Stitch experiment.
Mew: A hairless cat who's eyes stare into your soul, that's it.
Suicune: Water dog wearing a blue wig with two ribbons tied to its back.
Raikou: Diego (Ice Age) as a Wonder Pet.
Entei: Fire dog with an extremely messed up hair line.
Regigigas: Taco golem who's completely fine with his children being locked in temples.
Regice: A sentient iceberg that needs to lose weight.
Registeel: A sentient bowling ball that skipped leg day several years in a row.
Regirock: A sentient stone who speaks the Minecraft enchanted language and has no distinguishable eyes whatsoever.
Regieleki: Speedy electric demon with a fresh haircut who does the pee-pee dance.
Regidrago: If Kirby and Charizard had a baby which then became a creepypasta character.
Deoxys: Morphing spaghetti space virus who's forehead needs some benadryl.
Rayquaza: Sky snake who needs to brush their teeth.
Groudon: Jalapeno volcano dragon.
Reshiram: Silver Gucci bracelet fire dragon.
Zekrom: Lightning dragon with really weird looking fingers.
Celebi: Onion fairy who's eyes are more further apart than they should be.
Jirachi: Small wishmaker fairy that for some reason, is not a fairy.
Kyurem: Bro, why is your neck so long?
Dialga: Steel time dragon who's lip will forever give me an extremely pissed off look.
Palkia: Space dragon that's a water type despite not making any contact with water canonically.
Giratina: If Satan and Casper the friendly ghost had a child that eventually turned emo.
Arceus: God, but as a horse who believes fences can be belts.
Kyogre: Whale with a very nice smile.
Cresselia: I have no idea what this thing is supposed to be, a dove, swan, or dragon?
Darkrai: Nobody cares if this thing is a mythical nor if some random guy pulls it out in battle, those legs are of somebody who definitely did not skip the gym.
Volcanion: Skittle dragon.
Magearna: If Jenny (My Life As A Teenage Robot) said screw it and became an anime girl.
Zarude: If Semisage decided to turn emo, but he has a really nice scarf.
Zacian: Blues Clues, this is Blue.
Zamazenta: Blues Clues, this is Violet.
Eternatus: Poison dragon who does not have the permission to be this big, but does anyway.
Tapu Lele: Butterfly Tiki who belongs in the Lilo and Stitch universe.
Tapu Bulu: Poor guy, somebody get him a new hat.
Tapu Koko: Chicken that escaped KFC, went to area 51, and decided to become an island guardian.
Tapu Fini: She's rocking the purple nail polish, that's it.
Calyrex: If Peter Rabbit grew up and decided to become an athlete, because those legs don't play
Spectrier: "My Little Pony, I used to wonder what Galar could be.."
Glastrier: A Galarian Rapidash that had too many popsicles.
Galarian Zapdos: If the road runner said forget it, and stepped his leg game up to 100.
Galarian Moltres: Stay in the ball, I beg of you.
Galarian Articuno: Don't remember the character atm, but does anyone know one of the birds from Angry Birds in space?
Virizion: Grass deer that looks a little bit too much like lettuce.
Terrakion: Why do your teeth look like that, buddy?
Cobalion: Fighting steel horse who's horns need some straightening.
Keldeo: Water horse that looks like Rainbow Dash if she became a professional swimmer.
Ho-Oh: Rainbow bird who's name is said the same backwards and forwards, that's all I can muster.
Lugia: Water dragon with extremely wide hands who's seen underwater canonically, but not a water type whatsoever.
Latios: Great Ball colored speedy psychic dragon.
Latias: Premier Ball colored speedy psychic dragon.
Azelf: Fairy who needs to blink, seriously, somebody help this man.
Mesprit: Fairy who needs to go to a barbour ASAP
Uxie: Another fairy who needs to go to a barbour ASAP.
Thunderus: Somebody give this man some hair straightener.
Landorus: Somebody give this man some hair straightener.
Tornadus: Somebody give this man some hair straightener and tell me what his tail is supposed to represent.
Solgaleo: If Mufasa said screw it and became the sun, forgetting all about Simba in favor of a vacation to Hawaii.
Hoopa: Interdimensional travelling dragon who's shiny took a trip to McDonald's and got too messy.
Zygarde: DNA dragon who has the power to turn into a creepypasta version of Brian (Family Guy) and only weakness is wide guard.
Xerneas: Fairy deer who thinks she's better than everyone.
Yveltal: Eagle who's shiny is a little bit too undercooked, put it back in the oven.
Diancie: Fairy that looks suspiciously similar to Carbink who decided to scrap normal hair for literal gemstones.
Type: Null: Aether Foundation's Scooby Doo that wears an extremely weird looking helmet.
Silvally: Aether Foundation's Scooby Doo that can use disks to change it's typing, but can't learn hardly any moves of said typings.
Cosmog: Miniature sentient galaxy that refuses to stay in the bag.
Cosmoem: Miniature sentient galaxy that weighs a ton despite being skinny, teach me your ways.
Kubfu: The Karate Kid, bear version.
Single Strike Urshifu: Jackie Chan, water bear version.
Rapid Strike Urshifu: Jackie Chan, fighting bear version.
Necrozma: No insult besides: fix your anatomy, please.
Victini: Fire rabbit that's name starts with V, gets the move V create, generation Roman numeral is V. V is for Victini.
Shaymin: Spring hedgehog who's sky form became a watermelon.
Manaphy: Water fairy who's head should not be that large compared to it's body.
Phione: The offspring of aforementioned water fairy that's 3D sprite looks as if it has seen some things it will never forget.
Meltan: Why must you only evolve in GO, you little mistake of a mythical?
Melmetal: No insult besides: its cry sounds like it's saying: "what the f***?"
Meloetta: Singing psychic type that can probably drop better music than Arianna Grande.
Genesect: Steel robot bug who will forever smile at me sinisterly.
Zeraora: Electric cat who's shiny design hit so hard, they crashed Pokemon HOME during release.
Lunala: No insult, you're cool.
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2021.09.20 09:38 Anna_Millerr Breathtaking Fairy Garden Ideas

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2021.09.20 09:38 Sulpre Any undetected alternatives to Ublock Origin?

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2021.09.20 09:38 SheliaThacker Shopping Playlist for you and friends

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2021.09.20 09:38 lostangeles0 Mobile ordering at six flags

What is the issue at magic mountain? Yesterday myself , along with a bunch of other guests waited atleast 3 hours to get our 7 piece wings. I've spent good money on memberships and passes here. I feel like we should be a priority given we spend so much at six flags . I waited in a 50+ people line to get my order that I mobile ordered 4 hours before. It was so long that I left the line and picked up my order 6 hours later . There is only one window open for mobile orders and regular ordering. I go up to the window and ask whats going on with the delay . They said there's only 2 people working here ...? I go to goliath and see 7 workers working at one ride . I go to twisted colossus, Same thing ! I just really want them to work a better system out . Who else had this problem ? They need to step their customer service up asap. There's alot of unhappy guests here
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2021.09.20 09:38 AutoNewspaperAdmin [National] - 'Ted Lasso,' 'The Crown' big winners at Emmys | USA Today

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2021.09.20 09:38 LazilySmart Always Drink Milk,Guys

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2021.09.20 09:38 Pkmurby I just want the achievement

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2021.09.20 09:38 loverofworms Is there a confirmed release date for the switch version?

I've been looking but I can't find one
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2021.09.20 09:38 Faza20 My girl done good. Second place in Best GAP rescue yesterday

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2021.09.20 09:38 Pale-Two7702 tw:mental illness

sometimes when i think of my life long term i get very discouraged. life with a personality disorder is hard. i feel like i can’t be successful alone, because i’m so unstable and impulsive. but i also feel like i push everyone away eventually with my behavior. and i don’t blame people for leaving, because nobody owes it to me to stay really but i’m trying really hard to do better at managing things and being mindful about the effect i have on the people close to me. but damn i just want one person to not give up. i’ve been in talk therapy for 2 years, i’ve just recently opened up to taking medication daily and am waiting on my first prescription of mood stabilizers. i’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 10 months and i know he loves me but i feel like he gets a little more irritated every time i need reassurance. i try to explain to him that theres days i can’t think for myself, that the illness invades and overwrites all my thoughts and actions and while they’re fewer and further between the more work i put into myself i feel like they’re more explosive when they do happen because i suppress a lot. and the thing is, i say “a lot” but it’s not a lot, to any person without this illness the things that set me off wouldn’t be a bother and i can rationalize that after the fact but never during. i feel like i will be like this forever and i’m scared
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2021.09.20 09:38 Milwankee With the FILD technic, I don’t successfully fall asleep. Any advice ? It just keeps me awake !

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