Looking for a gaming Pc: budget 700$

2021.09.20 10:06 TakeItEasyOnMePlease Looking for a gaming Pc: budget 700$

The games I want to play are Minecraft and Smite/any other games at like great quality. I was looking at this one and it seemed great but idk to much about computers so wanted to ask here to get more suggestions.
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2021.09.20 10:06 EpitomeGs Arya Samaj Mandir | 09711757779 Arya Samaj Marriage Same Day

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2021.09.20 10:06 takhfifekhob بافت مردانه Sina مدل 1514

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2021.09.20 10:06 AspieComrade Can Yhwach use The Almighty to turn Ichigo into a hot dog?

Weird question I know, but let me give some context. Me and someone else are currently debating the nature of The Almighty.
By my understanding, The Almighty allows one to choose from any alternate possible future. For example, he can choose a future where he wasn’t stabbed to undo an injury and can set a trap instantly by choosing a future in which he set a trap, but he can’t use it to choose an impossible future such as “The future where ichigo spontaneously turned into a hot dog”.
The person I’m discussing with says that since he can choose from an “infinite set of futures”, this is the same as being able to choose a future filled even with impossible futures. Since he can choose infinite futures, there’s no limits to what he can choose to make happen and he can choose the future where Ichigo spontaneously turns into a hot dog, and also since Gremmy can turn people into hot dogs and Yhwach > Gremmy, it makes no sense for The Almighty to have a limitation that The Visionary doesn’t.
Since we’re at an impasse, we’re consulting the community. How does The Almighty work, and can Yhwach use it on its own to turn Ichigo into a hot dog?
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2021.09.20 10:06 gomagpye [GAMESTOP] Mario Golf: Super Rush Nintendo GameStop - $54.99 (NEW ITEM)

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2021.09.20 10:06 gomagpye [GAMESTOP] Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 and 2 Nintendo Switch Activision GameStop - $34.99 (NEW ITEM)

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2021.09.20 10:06 Abortmissiontothesun Junk food addiction

I’ve had a junk food addiction since my early teens specifically chocolate. I have not went a day without eating chocolate, I feel like when I have a healthy day of eating I can’t feel satisfied until I’ve had chocolate. How can I end this cycle.. I’ve tried not having it in my house and eating healthy food but the shops are next door and a 24/7 gas station 200m up the road and I’m just so use to eating it that I just can’t find the discipline to stop. Has anyone else struggled with a junk food addiction and was able to stop it because I feel like if I could just get over the first week hurdle I’d probably be okay but I can’t even go more than 40hr without it.
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2021.09.20 10:06 rhtkmr050 Mold remediation company Grand Rapids MI to handle home cleaning system

Call 2 The Rescue company experts 24/7 for emergency water, fire, smoke & moldrestoration services in Grand Rapids Michigan today. To know more about water damage restoration kentwood mi you visit:-https://2therescuellc.com/water-damage-storm-damage/
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2021.09.20 10:05 cohnjoffey Right in Two..

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2021.09.20 10:05 HappyGreenBull My Best Performing projects 3% daily or higher

I have been on the crypto journey for almost a year now. I have had many highs and many lows. I am hodling many tokens as my primary strategy. However I have been on a staking, yield and ROI farming kick for almost a month. The idea is to find farms and tokens that can generate passive income.
Here are my current 4 favorite that are doing pretty well. Please share your feedback and farms/projects that seem to be going really well or have potential. They are not crazy returns but with compounding they might rival some mooning projects.
3% a day ROI for Avax - pretty hot platform right now
3% a day ROI for USDC - safe stable coin token
Compounding farm - great for set it and leave it
Casino farm - the house always wins :)
What projects do you see that might be worth checking out?
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2021.09.20 10:05 BOS-Jtb H: Sentinel/assassins ultracite. W: decent excavator armor

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2021.09.20 10:05 harkonann Trading shiny oshawott custom OT from Pokemon go for other shinies.

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2021.09.20 10:05 BSC_Matt Help to solve: Occurances of numbers that consist of only 2 unique digits within a range?

Hi, I'm hoping someone has a formula for the following problem, and hopefully explain to me the steps involved in working it out.
Example range: (includes preceeding 0s) 000001 -> 999999
I'm looking for the amount of occurances that consist of only 2 unique numbers, (eg: 220202, 733337, 001010).
I've made a simple python program that counts this range and gives me the answer of 2790x occurances.
But I would like to know if there is a mathematical formula to get this answer?
Thanks for any help, and happy to clarify any parts of the problem if needed
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2021.09.20 10:05 today_isswendy UCI never printed my ID and there’s no way I can eat at my dining hall without it

My picture still says pending approval and the lady at the bookstore says I’m not allowed to get one printed until I’m approved. I’m just worried how I will eat this week and the following weeks that I continue waiting for my ID picture and printing.
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2021.09.20 10:05 KyodoNSR Speed🔥🇯🇵📸

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2021.09.20 10:05 thrwawy12332101 Test

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2021.09.20 10:05 rabbiteatscarrot1028 I don't even know if I can call it webcomic but I tried. Hope somebody out there like it.

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2021.09.20 10:05 kaeboybebop *SPOILERS/rant*

So, i just finished the manga and im so sad. It left off in such an important part :( from the times where it jumps to the future, it seems nobu and nana* still love eachother, despite her being married to takumi. I just want to see nobu and nana* talk it out and make up. i want to see what nobu tells asami, i wish it was completed. i really love this story and im just left feeling empty :(
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2021.09.20 10:05 Justpornacunt Antyliberalni komunistyczni bojowcy lewo-prawicy.

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2021.09.20 10:05 Competitive-Air9474 .

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2021.09.20 10:05 NectarineDangerously Any RH with a sweet, naturally submissive girl?

I don't mean in a kinky sense, I mean someone like Sang from The Ghost Bird. She is a naturally not a leader, she follows orders, she's a team player and she is a sweet girl. Any female character like this? I'm sick of the typically strong, badass heroine
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2021.09.20 10:05 Imgoga Nusižudė Lazdynų ligoninės gydytojas

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2021.09.20 10:05 Corbeau_T Quand je vais à l'école mais que je découvre que c'est férié

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2021.09.20 10:05 The_anguishedhero Ohhh guys?

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