Me when i see Goldberg

2021.09.20 10:26 Limp_Lengthiness_364 Me when i see Goldberg

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2021.09.20 10:26 skifunkster Just a reminder, they are messing with the price on no volume, trying to create a false narative.

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2021.09.20 10:26 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Canada Votes In Pandemic Election That Could Cost Justin Trudeau His Job | NPR

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2021.09.20 10:26 Bullfrog_Candid New favourite movie

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2021.09.20 10:26 gtha03 progressive overload

So I'm having trouble with progressive overload. For example, I skull crushed 40 lbs for 8 reps then rested only to do 6 more the next set do I just cut my losses and move to the next exercise?
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2021.09.20 10:26 Freddielexus85 What is something you wish you knew or something you wish you did better when you first got your dog?

I dog-sat for a friend this weekend. We knew her dog well, and she is a very well-behaved dog. But now I have this longing for a cute dog to cuddle on the couch and go on walks with.
I know that getting one won't be all flowers and sunshine right away. What are some pros and cons of having a dog. Is there anything you wish you knew before getting your dog? Is there anything I should ask about? Is there anything you wish you did better with your dog?
I grew up with cats and I've never owned a dog before.
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2021.09.20 10:26 MortalBanana This sign for an estate agency

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2021.09.20 10:26 onzuka88 [RF] Miyuki, the Mystical Monk

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2021.09.20 10:26 QWERTYRedditter Trying to find the quickest possible MCC ever!

(this was done on mccd btw)
First, we need to find the fastest games possible. I used estimations of tgttos maps if people only punched to boost each other. Other things such as sky battle, I used the quickest death possible, which was krtzyy's 2 second death in MCC9. For something like Rocket Spleef, I just estimated that it would take 6 seconds to get to the bottom of the map.
With that done, I started. The first thing that crossed my mind was SG, where due to the grace period, you couldn't deal damage to yourself for the first 25 seconds. However, after 25 seconds, the fastest possible way is to die in lava. There would be almost no chance of there not being lava in at least one of the chests, and if everyone huddled together and jumped in lava together, without any armour, it would take 28 seconds.
The next thing that I thought of was Sky Battle. The fastest way of dying I can think of is if someone walks off right when the game starts. It would take 2 seconds per round. However, there were intervals of around 8 seconds between games. That would take 6+16 seconds, which was 22 (there were only 2 intervals between the 3 games)
HITW was the next thing I thought of. I used the same 2 seconds per round, and 8 seconds between rounds, which is also 22 seconds.
Rocket Spleef had the exact same principle, but it would be harder to fall into the void. I gave 6 seconds per round, and 8 second intervals as well. It would add up to 34 seconds instead of 22.
Sands of Time was the next one I thought of. Assuming you can bank before the timer even started, it would take exactly 1 second. However, if you couldn't bank before the timer starts, it would be 30 seconds (I think).
Then it became harder to think about games that could be quick. I thought of Bingo, because it takes 8 minutes, however that was scrapped later on. I then thought about Battle Box, although it being 9 rounds long, I thought it could have potential. I estimated around 4 seconds to die in lava in the you're in soup map, or the classic one. The kit selection phase and the ready phase takes 20 seconds, and it happens 9 times. This would make the total up to 216 seconds.
From this point, it would be nearly impossible to have all 40 people to be super competent, and able to speedrun maps quickly. If everyone was Pete, then there was potential for Python's crypt to be all 4:30.
The last game I thought of was TGTTOSAWAF. It was quite a stretch, but I thought it could've been working. I estimated that Basins can be done in about 24 seconds, if fruit and illumina were each 20 players, skydive remix could be done in about 16 seconds. Terra Swoop Force world record is just under 30 seconds, Pit takes about 15 seconds, Cliffs takes about 21 seconds, and Industry takes 19 seconds if all 40 players were Fruitberries. This adds up to 125 seconds.
With all of these games in mind, we have to move on to dodgebolt. Dodgebolt is different because you couldn't just jump off right at the beginning, you'd have to shoot someone first. Picking up the arrow, loading the bow up, firing it takes 4 seconds, adding 2 seconds to aim and react. The platform shrinks in 5 seconds. It would be 11 seconds, plus 7 seconds of interval, which makes for 47 seconds.
However, there were breaks between games. The normal break happens 7 times (after games 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8), which takes 2 minutes. That adds up to 840 seconds. Decision dome takes 52 seconds, and it happens all 8 times (including audience takeover), which adds up to 416 seconds. There is a 360 second halftime break, and there are 1:30 intros for every single game, including dodgebolt, which adds up to 810 seconds. The scores take 30 seconds to come out every single came excluding dodgebolt, which adds up to 240 seconds.
Now adding them all up.
3431 Seconds, or 57:11.
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2021.09.20 10:26 furiosa1999 Is this a sign of toxic org?

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2021.09.20 10:26 callernumber03 Bug is back!

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2021.09.20 10:26 A_friend_of_you Swords in the stone (credit goes to Graffitzi for the design)

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2021.09.20 10:26 CatDerg New Build Latency Trouble - 5900x - Dark Hero

Hi there :)
Even though everything seems to work great there is a very peculiar issue that I am struggling with: Popping/cracking audio that comes randomly, but consistently. Be it whether I'm listening to a song watching a video, or playing a game, the audio will crackle and pop at certain points, but usually, it does it whenever it wants, and pretty often. Abrupt sounds like Windows Notifications, Administrator Permission Pop-ups, or Windows Volume Slider will trigger the popping/crackling very consistently. Abrupt pops and crackling can easily be replicated by skipping through a video that's in play on YouTube or just by changing the Windows Volume level at the bottom right. Sliding the volume on YouTube makes this crackling "static" noise as well.
I'm pretty sure this is all being caused by latency, but I don't know how to fix it. My build is all new and all stock. I haven't overclocked anything. I haven't overclocked my CPU, and I haven't even enabled DOCP for my RAM. Yet the latency builds, and it is a problem. I don't get it.
Here are some good examples that someone posted on another forum:
I have found various posts around the web, but all of them pertained to builds that were overclocked and unstable. Unstable enough to lead them to this problem. They let off the OC a bit, and their problems were resolved. This isn't such a case.
I've tried the updating to the latest BIOS and EZ flashing back to prior ones, but the problem persists.
I've tried reseating my RAM.
I've tried a different wall outlet, and a different surge protector, on the off chance that THIS was the problem, but as I anticipated, it wasn't.
I didn't want to touch the SoC values or DDG values because I'm not overclocked. It didn't make sense to me that I'd have to alter these values for a completely new and default build whose values I haven't touched from the moment it was powered on.
But I'm desperate, so...
I decided to enable DOCP, it took a minute to get the advertised speed and timings stable at 1:1, but I did. SoC and VDDG voltage values were high enough to maintain stability and everything ran great, but it didn't change anything in regards to the audio problems and latency.
Then I decided to lower the Memory and Fabric Infinity Speeds to 3600 and 1800, easy, that should help right? No change in audio/latency problems.
3400 and 1700? No change in audio/latency problems.
3200 and 1600? No change in audio/latency problems.
2133 and 1066? The default memory speeds you get when you first power on your new build? Like I mentioned in the beginning? Go ahead guess...
Nothing changed. The audio still crackles and pops. The latency is still a problem.

Any help would be crazy appreciated. Thank you.
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2021.09.20 10:26 notsagetang they really just put whatever in the kitchen sink

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2021.09.20 10:26 Objective-Ad7330 For anyone that wants to start a world where magic and science are together, this is my first selection to gain inspiration from.

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2021.09.20 10:26 SS_Floyd Cursed images of pineapple

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2021.09.20 10:26 JPzoneTV The EVOLUTION of Satisfactory... ALL Cinematic Clips..! [EN]

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2021.09.20 10:26 Humble_End_3738 HCAQ Hyperfine DD- the portable MRI following in BFLY’s footsteps

Disclosure: I have a small position of 100 shares in Hyperfine (HCAQ)
Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice.
Hyperfine a company that has developed the first portable MRI was founded by high profile serial med tech entrepreneur Dr. Jonathan Rothberg by way of the innovation incubator 4catalyzer. Dr. Rothberg has also brought Butterfly Networks (BFLY) and Quantum-Si (QSI) public as well through spac mergers. I love all three of these companies as well and have done dd on them and am invested.
There are some similarities with Hyperfine and BFLY and QSI in that they leverage semiconductor technology to make processes more efficient. Butterfly Networks has some striking similarities to Hyperfine BFLY was the first SPAC to go public from Jonathan Rothberg, and is the most like Hyperfine. Butterfly Networks and Hyperfine are both disrupting existing industries and technologies. Butterfly and Hyperfine use semiconductor technology to miniaturize existing medical technology making it more portable, more efficient and at a lower cost. For butterfly, they have taken the ultrasound and shrunk it down to the size of an electric hand-held razor, and it is compatible with a cell phone (Cell phone screen or tablet acts as the monitor). It makes sense to first analyze Butterfly in terms of better understanding Hyperfine, as Butterfly is a more mature product and it provides insights into how Hypefine may market and develop their MRI. Butterfly is an incredible technology for several reasons. First, you increase the accessibility of the ultrasound, right you can have it in family practitioners' office. So, this is an example of increased accessibility, having the ultrasound where you would not before. In that sense there is no competition, you must educate potential customers about the benefits of having an ultrasound in alternative environments. This is something that Hyperfine must do, as they are seeking to redefine the use cases. Like self-monitoring on an ultrasound that is a new use case. Literally, having an ultrasound at home and communicating using telehealth with a doctor that lives on another continent. You could have this on a cruise ship, or a remote military base, you get the idea, ultrasounds will be where they have not before. They also have an ultrasound designed for veterinarians use, legacy expensive ultrasound machines work very well, however they have very predictable downsides that can be exploited and the industry can be disrupted. The legacy Ultrasound is large, and not very mobile. It is expensive, and requires extensive training to read and interpret. Butterrly is small, inexpensive, and portable. They also have software and cloud storage that helps with transferring and storing your data. So brilliant and an exciting business opportunity as they start to collect data store it in the cloud and in time use machine learning that can help decipher the scan As far as the business model, of course you have the hardware, but that is sold close to cost, it is the the cloud service subscription fee, which we all now as SAAS or software as a service. Investors love the margins associated with SAAS. Butterfly has executed well also, unlike many other SPACs. Hyperfine conceptually is quite like Butterfly Networks, however this time it is the MRI. Of course, it is not handheld we are talking about an MRI, but it still is small enough to fit into an elevator and can be plugged into a normal socket, meaning it can be moved around a hospital and most importantly moved into an ICU. Or be stored within the ICU. We will start to see some of the similarities, but it starts with an analysis of what limitations do the current models have. Let us start by analyzing the legacy MRI machine. MRI machines can cost upwards of a million dollars and could require several hundreds of thousands more when you include the MRI Suite which needs to be built due to the extreme magnetic field which is generated which can be 60,000 times the strength of earth’s own magnetic field. Economics teaches to always look at the tradeoffs of any decision. We of course have the opportunity cost associated with the excessive cost of the equipment, but we also do with the space that is needed to house an MRI machine. This is significant space that could be used for other revenue generating activities. Well needlessly to say, the costs associated with building an MRI suite and purchasing the machine, are high. This makes it cost prohibitive for many hospitals reducing access to MRIs to the public. Fewer hospitals will have one, so if you could imagine a medium sized town would only have one MRI machine, and having only one hospital that has only one machine is a market failure, because in effect it is a monopoly, monopolies reduce consumer surplus, imagine the hospital can charge as high of a rate as they would like, and you will pay since there is not an alternative. Hyperfine is just a 50,000 upfront cost, an enormous difference and a great competitive advantage that could potentially increase the number of facilities offering MRI imaging thus bringing down costs for the consumer through increased competition. For the hospital, they have lower capital costs freeing up cash that can be invested elsewhere. The quality of the imaging of the larger machine remains better now, but we are talking access when you did not have access before. It could mean the difference between you not getting an MRI and choosing to get one. Now we can look at one of the other major disadvantages, and this is the lack of portability of the traditional MRI machine. The traditional MRI needs to be placed in a secure environment requiring the transport of each patient to that room which is not close to the ICU given what the needs of the MRI suite. First you have the danger of moving a patient in a critical state, both in the time it takes to transport, and the transport itself. It has been reported that adverse effects can happen anywhere between 22-46 percent of patients associated with transporting them to the MRI. The time saving measure as well as the reduction of risk in eliminating the transportation of the patient is huge. Now we can talk about labor productivity everybody's favorite topic, I am obviously insincere, it’s nobody's favorite topic. Let us look at the workflow associated with traditional MRI compared to the Hyperfine. You have 25.8 hours from when deciding that the patient needs an MRI until that whole procedure including analysis is finished. With the Hyperfine you have that done in just 90 minutes. That is a staggering 94% reduction in time. Of course, that is great for the patient. But as far a hospital administrator, that means less staff needed, or you open time for that staff to be doing other revenue generating activities. I love all the connections this company makes to simple economic concepts. The Hyperfine has already sold over 50 units, and is cleared by the FDA, which is a huge hurdle that every investor is aware of. It also means it that it has been studied extensively. The most impactful study of Hyperfine was done by Yale Health which found the hyperfine to be effective in identifying hemorrhage that would be life threatening. The accuracy y of 80% was also lauded in the study. So, we do not have to talk about hypotheticals. We have Yale health which is an institution that is widely respected and held in high esteem, publishing research in a peer reviewed journal. This is not a commercial that claims 6 out of 10 dentists prefer this toothpaste, this is a legitimate study proving efficacy. What do we like to see when we see an innovation that is first to market? We want patents to protect that innovation, otherwise if successful and it generates revenue well above cost, then competitors will jump in and compete on price driving down margins. What do we have with Hyperfine, the first ever portable MRI. We have 99 issued patents with 285 pending. We need to lock up that technology to prevent others from jumping in the space. That is important in building a moat, and something I look for as an investor in investing in innovation. So, what does the future looks like for Hyperfine. Or at least their planned future. They have merged with Liminal sciences which is a bit of a speculative play but adds potential upside and fits into the Hyperfine product. Liminal sciences are attempting build a device that monitors vital signs in the brain using machine learning and AI to predict outcomes allowing doctors more access. It is important to mention it is a noninvasive approach. This to me is a throw into the deal it has potential upside but at this point is a bit of an unknown, they are hoping this comes online in 2023. Hyperfine hopes to finish production on a portable MRI that can be used on the spine and extremities by 2023 as well. This builds on existing technology and is a sure bet than the Liminal brain vital sign monitoring. They are also looking to develop guided intervention which includes robotics to assist with life-saving interventions surgery, and a breast MRI to detect breast cancer. For my investment thesis, I am only considering the portable MRI that currently exists and other iterations of it, as they have proof of concept of these. As far as the robotics and AI components that is a possibility that brings upside but is more speculative. The TAM is projected at 23 billion which is huge. That just gives you an idea of the market, obviously not sales, but that there is a need or a market to sell the product. The financials are not much to speak of now a prediction of 2.3 million in 2021. Rising to over 300 million in 2025. Current valuation comes in at under a billion at 956 million which I do not find terrible given how hot the market is. However, it is still expensive given the current projected sales. My own analysis I did not use the 300 million in 2025 to create a price target I trimmed that down to 280, as I did not want to include some of the more speculative plays like the AI brain sensing device, and surgical robots. That does not mean that they will not happen, but there is not proof of concept. Even at the lower projection using a 15 high multiple and a 10 low multiple I think that if the company can execute the stock should be worth between 37 and 44 by 2025. Discounting back to present value and adding in a margin of safety of 25%, currently the fair value is currently around $13 meaning that it is undervalued. If you want to see how I calculated this watch the video. It is a SPAC trading under 10 dollars before the merger. I expect a high redemption rate it could be as anywhere from 50 to 90 percent of shares here get redeemed, causing the stock to dip initially and then recovering witth a strong bounce. If this happens my valuations are not accurate as there is less cash for the company, and less shares outstanding. In this case they have some money from the pipe, and fewer shares means a lower market cap which I hope for. I think they will still get the money that they need to inject into their business, and as an investor I will get a better valuation. Win win. So, I have bought a few shares, I hope to buy the day after the merger vote, where I anticipate a lot of redemptions and a significant drawdown. There is more information in the video if you want more depth
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2021.09.20 10:26 qazmlpfghcvb Ginger bust

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2021.09.20 10:26 ThaNostos Gurren Lagann-inspired character I am creating for my comic

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2021.09.20 10:26 kwefo Unsure about how things are going 1 month after introducing a new kitten to the house

Cat (C) is almost 6 years old but I only adopted her around 5 months ago. Kitten (K) is 5 months old and I adopted her a month ago. C has always been a bit aloof, never liked pets/scratches, and only wanted to play for ~15 minutes a day before we got K. Now she's even more aloof and never plays.
Every time I throw her favorite toy, she seems interested for a second but stops when she sees K is interested too. Then K notices her staring and stops so neither of them play. K only plays when C isn't interested.
Sometimes C chases and hits K, but I don't think it's anything serious because there's no hissing or growling. Sometimes K doesn't even move and lays down instead. I don't know if it's playing though.
My main concern with C is that she may think I don't care about her anymore - but how do I show her when she likes being alone and doesn't like being touched (besides the head nudge she gives my hand when she looks for me)?
With K, I'm concerned that she isn't getting enough play time. I can't monitor her every second, but when I'm with her it seems that she only wants to be constantly pet instead of played with.
And now I'm realizing this post may be way too long for a fast moving sub like this, so I may have to post this to a forum or something.
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2021.09.20 10:26 sausage-deluxxxe For Norm😔

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2021.09.20 10:26 Apple_Slipper Holden Jackaroo

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2021.09.20 10:26 drDrethrowaway Federal Election: which party is least likely to increase taxation? Who are you voting for and why?

Given this was a snap election and I’ve been overwhelmed with work, I haven’t been keeping up with the parties and their platform. Hoping I can get yalls inputs, as the primary issue that concerns me is taxation and this is a finance sub.
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2021.09.20 10:26 Fantastic-Ice-68 ‘China’s Lehman Brothers moment’: Evergrande crisis rattles economy

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