Boyfriend surprised me with a new MacBook Pro :)

2021.09.20 09:57 yellowchlo Boyfriend surprised me with a new MacBook Pro :)

Unboxing this beauty today, does anyone have any accessories or tips they recommend for the MacBook Pro 13’ m1?
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2021.09.20 09:57 jsushie Can't enable SMB on my Mac with DS1821+

Hi everyone, apologies for a beginner level question but I can't seem to enable SMB on my Mac. Here are my specs:

  1. Using the DS1821+ NAS
  2. Just upgraded to DSM 7.0
  3. Currently on a Static IP
  4. Watching Synology's own YouTube video as a tutorial (
But, when I Go > Connect To Server > Input the server and click "Connect", it says "The server may not exist or it is unavailable at this time"
But I'm on my Quickconnect Synology Homepage and it says the System Health is "Healthy" and there seems to be no issues with the servers themselves.
The only possibility I can think of is that there's a data scrubbing that's currently running. But that shouldn't affect the SMB right...?
Would love any guidance
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2021.09.20 09:57 Cacticactus2000 Plan de studii 2021-2022 Unibuc CTI

Nu il gasesc si banuiesc ca s-a schimbat.
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2021.09.20 09:57 boxbloke642 Does Amazon have a time card viewer?

If they do I can't find it. Think they messed up my check u wanted to see what hours they have
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2021.09.20 09:57 XDA-Dante63 SHM MOD WearOS, BP Sync is working

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2021.09.20 09:57 ghurabah I drank coffe and i’m fasting - The mercy of Alllah.

“Whoever forgets when he is fasting and eats or drinks, let him complete his fast, for it is Allaah Who has fed him and given him to drink.”
I know a lot of you ( if not everyone) knows this Hadith and probably have at least once eaten/drank forgetfully whilst fasting.
Today the moon is full and when it is, I fast. Only Allah swt knows how much i really really love coffe. I woke up for work and made myself coffe and drank it like a thirsy camel lol. And then i remembered that i’m fasting and smiled. SubhanAllah. How merciful is Allah swt? This is so random i know lol, but my heart overflowed with joy as i contemplated how merciful Allah trurly is. He (swt) wanted to give me the whole reward of fasting without depriving me from my morning coffe.
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2021.09.20 09:57 xxSeahawks Do you get used to ANC?

Tried the APP for the first time in Dec 19 at Christmas Eve and was blown away how quiet everything was. 4 Days later I bought my own pair but now I'm not really happy anymore with the ANC. My APP are clean and tried 3 different Pro's with the same result. So I'm wondering if you get used to ANC. I don't really think the software is the issue because you can read ANC "downgrade" on Sony, Bose etc subreddit everytime.

What do you think?
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2021.09.20 09:57 sevenw1nters ISS issues with Instcart Shopper App

I'm an in store shopper at Sprouts. We use the Instacart shopping app to fulfill our orders. I've been doing this for over a year and there's always been problems but they've gotten a lot worse than the last month or so.
One of the biggest problems me and the other shoppers at my other store face is the app will just constantly log us out. It's normal for me to have to log back in 40-50 times a day. And logging in requires us to enter in our work devices number then receive a text with a code then enter the code in. So while customers are waiting outside at curbside to pickup their orders we're in the store trying to log into the phone. I have to do it so much I have our devices numbers memorized at this point lol.
Sometimes it will even give us an error that we've sent too many login requests recently and then we're just locked out of the system entirely for awhile. I've tried to talk to higher ups at Sprouts about this issue but they don't know what to tell me they just told me to turn the phone off and back on again. I think whatever the problem is is an issue with the App itself. This started right around the time that they introduced the lunch timer option.
That's the biggest issue we have that impacts our ability to shop orders but there's a lot of other. Pretty often the device will play the "new order" noise but no amount of refreshing, logging in and out or force closing the app will result in it actually giving me the option to accept the order. Only after it removes the order 2-3 times negatively effecting our acceptance rate will I finally see it pop up.
Also the "I'm Here" option for curbside pickup works 50% of the time at most. The majority of customers end up calling the store and then complaining that they can't get it to work. I never know what to tell them. When customers send us pictures in the chat we're never able to view the picture. We have no option to cancel orders so when a customer requests it we have to contact Instacart Support and sometimes I get someone who knows what they're doing and can cancel the order immediately other times I'm talking to them for 30min being escalated to supervisors just to cancel an order meanwhile I can't move on to our other orders in queue.
There's even more problems we have it honestly seems like a very poorly designed app for ISS. I'm not sure how many ISS browse this subreddit or if anyone will have any idea how to fix any of these issues but Sprouts support isn't of much help either since they didn't design any of this so I wasn't sure where else to turn.
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2021.09.20 09:57 LaurenTheFemmeboy Where are some places that are great to find DMs for D&D? Alternatively, are there any DMs here looking for players?

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2021.09.20 09:57 Ice_wallow_come12321 Do you guys have any sources that claim climate change is false or not man made?

So, im doing a school project on non-credible sources and my theme is climate change, and i was wondering if any of you had some sources i could use as examples
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2021.09.20 09:57 shifr68 New coupons for [WIN] Classic MOD 5 watch face 🍀

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2021.09.20 09:57 V_I_K_I_N_G_B_A_T Please help guys!! I want product details(price ,name , specs) of electronics for my ecoomerce project.How can I get it??

I basically require the product data of electronics from amazon,bestbuy,etc. Is there any api or any csv file through which I can get the data?? Or should I just copy paste the data. Please help guys!!
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2021.09.20 09:57 CareBareHair2 Cowards hiding behind children - imagine forcing a Toddler to wear a mask - how much will you obey before you realise YOU are the problem?

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2021.09.20 09:57 Ticket88 Ferris Wheel At Bayside

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2021.09.20 09:57 sujonali183 Sulge

This project has a clear development plan, high rating shows great potential of this project. #presale #Sulge #Farm #SUG #swap
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2021.09.20 09:57 TheLetterOfTheLaw What happens if a customer has build up a credit balance with an energy provider who then goes bust?

Using my figures so it's slightly easier.
I'm with Avro and my account has a current balance of £373 which has been built up because the direct debit is for a higher amount than what my monthly bill is.
What happens to that balance if Avro go bust?
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2021.09.20 09:57 BillionDollaBuddha 350 DOGE + shipping serious inquiries only shipping from Colorado w/ COA

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2021.09.20 09:57 iidkwhattoputhere sell ing leaks and upskirts pm

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2021.09.20 09:57 ProgrammerMedical495 I need help about html

I have a web with HTML menu and i want to have a link in there. How could i do it?
The instructions says "Navigation menu for this template is customizable in HTML. Edit the HTML to add your menu links"
I don't know what should i do to but i have tried a lot of things.
Anyone can help me?
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2021.09.20 09:57 PsychoSewerRat One more ForestZombie Sold! Don't let them escape! 0.005

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2021.09.20 09:57 Carnport David Teague joins Richmond as assistant coach

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2021.09.20 09:57 Professional-Agent50 I need some suggestions

NP just dropped in EU a few weeks ago and I'm now trying to play him as a sub or even as a second main.
Though I like him a lot, I am unsure whether I'm using him correctly or not.
First of all, I need some help regarding his awakening system. Does one always have to awaken with full moon? Idk how accurate the Italian translation is but from what I've read that's what one has to do.
Then, if someone knows exactly what skills(for pve and/or raid) should be used, it would help me a lot. I already have a general idea on that but I'm not certain about it.
Thank you all in advance :)
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2021.09.20 09:57 miriamwilson Tips for using an electric oven?

Hello all,
I recently purchased this electric oven as I moved into a small studio that doesn’t come with an oven. I’ve never used an oven with separate top and bottom heat element controls, and was hoping for advice from you all.
The instruction manual recommends preheating the oven using both top and bottom heat controls, and then turning the top heat off when you put food in. I’ve done this both times I’ve used the oven so far, but it’s definitely over cooked the bottom of my food. (I’ve been using the included pan, but with a silpat mat/silicone muffin tins, so I don’t think it’s the pan’a fault.)
I’ll be purchasing an internal thermometer, just to ensure the overall temperature isn’t too high. Do you have recommendations on when to use both the top and bottom heat elements? Do you think the instruction manual is right in its recommendation to primarily use the bottom? Any advice on how to use this is welcome!
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2021.09.20 09:57 ContentForager My mayor uses a T61! (/r/thinkpad)

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2021.09.20 09:57 pretzeltuesday Day 28 of 50

Did not do well eating today. Feeling sad but not too sad because I have made progress. But I will feel super sad if I don’t get back on track tomorrow
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