Here’s why the unvaccinated are responsible for Gabby Petito’s disappearance

2021.09.20 10:28 SleepNowMyThrowaway Here’s why the unvaccinated are responsible for Gabby Petito’s disappearance

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2021.09.20 10:28 avii24 tanginang lunes to.

kaibigan, kamusta lunes mo?
ako restday ko ngayon dahil mamayang madaling araw pa pasok ko. ewan ko, pero kaninang umaga inatake ako ng kasipagan na maglinis ng kama hanggang sa umabot yung tanghali na nauwi sa pag tugtog ng ukelele.
solid din yung tanghalian ko, tinola. napaka swerte ng araw ko kase kahit papaano may nailutong pagkain kahit pagdating sa budget, medyo alanganin.
ikaw kamusta ka? kamusta byahe papasok at paguwi? kamusta yung ginawa mong module? napuri kaba ni titser? may bagong chismis ba na dala si bespren?
kayo kamusta rin kayo? busy ba sa opisina? napagalitan ba ni boss? may nagbida nanaman bang katrabaho? wag kang papayag sa OT-hank you.
wala lang, gusto ko lang talaga mangamusta habang nakikinig sa city pop music na maya maya magiging anime ost na.
sana okay kalang, kayanin natin kada araw. KAKAYANIN?
PS. pakinggan mo yung Fantasy ni Meiko Nakahara ((:
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2021.09.20 10:28 Daniele86 cartolina-aforisma-george-byron-4

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2021.09.20 10:28 yumimilf Fansly: yumimilf Twitter: yumimilf Instagram: Yumi.milf

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2021.09.20 10:28 princessbeans91 Photoshoot locations

Hey reddit Towards the end of next month I'm planning to do a photoshoot with the subject dressed up as Jessica Rabbit and want some ideas for locations where she might be unexpected. All ideas considered even funny ones...
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2021.09.20 10:28 Iseedarkcat Môj každodenný nákup vykonávam v ;

Kde nakupujete? Na ktorý reťazec nedate dopustiť? Kde nakúpite podľa vas najlacnejšie? Napíš do komentára.
Zaujíma ma kde najčastejšie nakupujú Slováci a prečo.
View Poll
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2021.09.20 10:28 A_Sh4d0w Since i already got 3 of them how should i call them?

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2021.09.20 10:28 DaddyLongLegs13469 Aoe VI Readability

So something I’m having trouble with is recognizing what buildings are what sometimes. Along with units. I know for buildings you can just learn the hot key to jump to some buildings this is just an alternative idea.
For the buildings maybe we could get a quick tooltip to pop up at your cursor when hovering over a building for more than 1 sec. It could display the name and it’s info.
For units. I think a tiny icon above the units health bar could help. Appears only when immediately hovering over the unit. The icon would either be the units normal UI icon, or maybe a more simple icon to signify what TYPE of unit it is. ie: pike, bow, sword etc.
I just feel it could give it more readability without making the weapons look like giant oversized toys.
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2021.09.20 10:28 Evon_Akihito [OC] when you ask for a refill...

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2021.09.20 10:28 1OfThoseCats My cat was watching me through the window like this.

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2021.09.20 10:28 V_Alegria Should I color my dark hair copper before going blonde?

Hi, so I currently have virgin dark brown hair (level 3/4) and i’d like to eventually be a level 8/9 blonde. At the moment I’m really liking copper hair. Would it be possible for me to get my hair colored copper and then continue going blonde? I’m thinking it would be a good transition color. Or will it just cause unnecessary damage to my hair as I continue going blonder? Thanks.
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2021.09.20 10:28 _calm_bomb_ [TW] Suspend doesn't work with kernel 5.14.0-1

I've noticed for the last two weeks that whenever I boot into the latest kernel I can't suspend my laptop anymore. It goes into sleep, but then it stays blank and the CPU is running hot.
If I boot into 5.13.12-2 I don't have this issue.
Any idea how I can troubleshoot this?
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2021.09.20 10:28 Macfiej Final Fantasy 14 "review" after months of playing. Not as good as ppl say? *little rant*

Hi guys! After around 3 to 4 months of my time in the game time ive decided to give my opinion on the game. Unfortunately i didnt finish Shadowbringersm despite of really loving it, got a bit burnt out around the middle of it and i though that i will give my opinion before i forget what i liked and disliked about the game. In that few months of my game time i manage to get my Samurai to 80, which was my main character for the 80% of the game, GNB to 78 which i started with SHB and Scholar to 70 cause i wanted to have one healing class (Playing all of them was super fun!). I assume that alot of the ppl will disagree with most of the thing i will say here, but maybe a few wont? Well see! Okey lets start with the "review".

A world with with promise...
...but lack of the charm and immersion. While traveling most maps in the game i had this feeling that they are pretty empty? And flat? Like there is nothing memorable in them. There is supprisingly lack of detail in the zones, bunch of houses randomly put together to make it look like a "village" but it lacks this village feel, maybe because you cant acces 90% of the buildings and they are all the same? Because there is no small decals, lacks of npc? Because they dont move and just stand there? Most of the zones feel flat, there is lack of trerrain differances, sure there are some hills here and there but it doesnt feel natural at all. Lack of fauna and flora also makes the locations feel pretty dull for most of the time. It Gets alot i mean ALOT better once you get to the shadowbringers but for the rest of the game? Its hard for me to bring any zone that i really liked, maybe xianxia? I absolutely hated Azys Lla and Coerthas, terrible design. I never had an urge to " go somewhere and explore" because nothing felt really interesting. there was no bandit camp hidden on the edge of the mape with a rare mob in it that dropped cool boots or a cave with a spider that gave me poisoned sword or something. There was really nothing that felt exciting and made me want to explore on my own (and forcing ppl to gather aethercurrents to make them explore map is bad design, go away with it mortal!)
Is this because the game is stuck in ps3 era? For the most part sure, but since the world is not truly "open" but zone based shouldnt locations be more detailed and thought out? I Think so. I hope that after the Endwalker expansion Square will seriously sit and redo most of this stuff so it feels like a current gen game not a 2007 game as it feels now. Wow manage to work it out somehow (yes kill me now for mentioning wow)
What would i personally do to bring more "life" into the zones? I think that taking inspiration from other games is not the bad idea (yes i mean wow, leave me alone now okey?!) More fauna, trees,bushes grass, flowers. More animals, deers, rabbits, snakes, non hostile fauna and flora that just lives in those zones. More versality, more details in locations. Make me want to explore the world on my own, not by placing stupid aethercurrents that i have to collect in order to be able to fly... Make them more alive give this feeling of "Whats there?! Im gonna check it out because it looks interesting"

Hey this sound really great!...
...except it doesnt, for the most part atleast (dont hit me please). Same as with the "blandness" ( word like that even exist? XD) of the zones, the music for the most part of the game ie pretty meh, for some locations even below average. (How i hate gridania music after ive heard it hundred of times....) Dont take me wrong, some dungeons and most of the Trias,l alliance raids have amazing music, Final second coil? Fuk yeh, Alexander? Ofcourse! Personally i really loved snowcloack music it had this "winter" feeling to it. And i absolutely loved the Laskhmi theme! Some story parts have amazing music as well, everybody vibing to Dragonsong am i right?
Back to the zone music as i said for the most part it feels pretty meh, nothing memorable except for few, i liked the Kugane music, coerthas, xianxia and it really goes over the top in Shadowbringers, every single zone have amazing memorable music!
What would i do to make it better? Simple! DELET GRIDANIA MUSIC!! But seriously. I dont know i guess its pretty much personal taste. Maybe give the zones the Shadowbringers love? Yes do that and we are fine!

Crafting and Gathering is wide like an ocean...
...with a deepth of the puddle. Like seriously it feels amazing at first " Wow each crafting have its own skills and gear lol!" But then you realize they do have skills but THEY ARE ALL THE SAME IN EVERY CRAFING/GATHERING JOB!!! The only exception is fishing because well you cant have 2 fishing jobs... unless "Ocean fisher and Lake fisher?" Better not give them ideas xD. The first crafting/gathering job feels good, why? Because its new to you, the usage of skills feels amazing till the point you lvl another one. All of the skills are the same, they have diffrent names and icons but the work EXACTLY the same as any other job. Like why you do dat? And why there is armorer and blacksmith, couldnt it be just one? I dunno "smith"? Why make 2 jobs that work the same if you could just make one. Its like making "alchemist" and "potion maker", like why?
And for gathering and mining. Its sooooo shallow, running from "lv. 80 Lush Vegetation" to another is simply shit and uninspiring. Wouldnt it be better to just gather stuff while you play the game? wouldnt it make the locations more interesting to explore and made ppl to actually come back to gather? Also do we seriously need Miner and Botanist, couldnt we just merge those two into one "Gatherer" class. Or just (you will hate me for this) remove it and let us pick flowers and stones while we just play the game. Gathering spots feel okey for the first 10 minutes then they are boring becase you run in circle, move from A to B to C and to D and repeat because A respawned. It has zero gatehring feel in it. Could as well name those "Farmer" cause thats what you do seriously.
As for the crafting jobs, either make skills more fitting and different from other jobs or remove it entirely ( you will hate me for this as well). why keep a bad system when you can delete/rework it to make it better an more enjoyable? I dunno but clicking skill that does exactly the same thing as 5 other crafting job is nowhere near enjoyable. There is a reason why other games dont have skills for crafting and that the one.

Dungeons are super fun but...
...But why would i do them outside of daily roulettes? Like seriously why? For tramsmogs? Dont take me wrong, some of the dung transmogs are really cool but most of them are like, ehh well they arent cool. Ive never had the feeling to do some dungeon so i can get that one transmog i really liked. Most of the armors look average, there is not that "Badass" feeling when you get through the game, you dont get better looking stuff with the lvl progress, except the Trials/Alliance raids. Again this is more personal taste than anything else but imo outside of the roulettes there is no reaason to do dungeons.

Trials and raids are the best but...
...but nothing i just wanted to make you think that i will say something negative about it but i wont XD. Trials and raids are the best part of this game. Every single trial i have fough was amazing, every single boss felt good and killing them gave that cool "pride and accomplishement" fEAl to it. Both alliance raids and trials was the only thing i joined willingly outside of the roullettes, why? Because they are simply great, amazing design, fantastic music and for the change from the dungs the armors are actually good looking (except for healers they always suck balls, why ALWAYS white?...). Which trial/raid i like the most? All of them honestly, the only one i disliked was ARR fight "Cape Westwind" Like why its even there? I spent more time in queue than killing that guy.

The story and characters you will remember...
...Except one. Urianger *speaks*, Me *Thou art shut the fuk up*. Seriously hes not a bad character in general, hes like that one friend that seems to be cool until they open their mouth. Or that one dood you argue with on the internet and he start to speak some "fancy" words to make himself look smarther than he actually is. This fancy wording aside hes a cool good i really like him. "Jurianżer" Read it, Read it loudly! Thats how you say his name!
The MSQ is really fantastic, definitly one of the coolest stories out there and the best one when it comes to MMO games, Eso had a cool story as well but i was too busy exploring the world to care about it enough and it was all over the place so meh. There as some weak parts like that part after ARR and before Heavensward (50 quests lololol). Other than that great! If i had to rate story by expansions i would go like that. SHB > HW > ARR > STB. I find Stormblood weakest from all i dunno why but i didnt feel anything for the most of it. Except few part is was pretty average. And yeah i didnt finish Shadowbringers but the part ive managed to play was fantastic, outclasses any other expansion by mile long! I will finish it eventually. One day
Which characters i like the most? I think the twins, both make alot of progress thruought the story and are very likable, always by our side when we need them. Thancred as that one badass Chad that claps everybody. And Gosetsu! How i love that guy! And ofcourse Raubahn the absolute CHAD, how can you play ff14 and not love Raubahn?

The story is great but what after?
So ive had that in mind for the long time when playing, What do you do outside of MSQ? What there is to do? The bland crafting/gathering? The boring dungeons with shitty drops or high end Trails/Raids that nobody wants to do becasue they are too hard? I seriously dont know what to do in this game outside of MSQ there is nothing to focus on. Housing i guess? But its so hard to get a house we could as well say that it doesnt exist in this game. Crafting? Nah im sorry but crafting is bad... Dungs for transmogs? Im already full 400/400. Maybe Gold saucer? Well i played triple triad for some time and it was suprisingly pretty cool but, yes there is always a "but". Playing cards is fun but fighting the same NPC 20 times hoping that NRG gods will give you that card he is so desperately holding is pushing me off. Maybe chocobo races/minion fight. Well sure those are cool as a side activity but that shouldnt be a main end game content right? I also dont like parasitic designs so i basically skipped it, did minions few times but thats it. Sames goes for the "Eureka" island, i felt excited when i got there for the first time. Untill i realized that the transmog reward i could buy there is easy to get from 70 lvl ques. so ive never came there and guess what? It didnt hurt ym progress at all, i lost nothing and gained nothing. Im also not an eRP fan so nope. tell me what you do in the end game guys, maybe it will pull me back into the game again lol.

Fighting other ppl is fun so why?...
...Why do ppl dont do pvp? I found it alot more enjoyable than doing dungeons. not because pvp is better but because the rewards are cool. Seriously pvp transmogs are great and if you havent seen them you should go to Wolf Den and see for yourself! Sure it lacks some balance, especially in 4v4 when its so hard to kill healer! Ive lost more calories in one game trying to kill healer than i do when excersise lol. The one mode ive played was frontlines, tried 4 classes. samurai,scholar,bard and gunbreaker and i had the most fun on the last one and the least on samurai, why you may ask? Because the combat there is fast paced and samurai had a few skills thar required some casting and standing in place in that mode is not the best idea. There were some issues with the "flags" may i call it that? The places where you have to stand to capture locations. So the "flags" spawn randomly on the map and sometimes its closer to your spawn and sometimes it not. As you can figure it makes winning be a little more RNG based.

What i would do to make it better? I guess healers should heal less honestly. More maps, more rewards, more balancing and we are cool! There is not much to change to make ppl want to play it.

What will happen after Endwalker?
In my opinion the End of the Endwalker will be a great opportunity to upgrade graphics and all the system. As well all know Endwalker is a conclusion to the story so whats the better opportunity to go into 2.0 than this? Game is pretty much still stuck in the PS3 Era and it shows, oh it rly does! Shadowbringers makes it feel a bit less outdated but yeah its time to upgrade. Game looks alot better with Gshade so i recommend using it if you dont like the game graphics. Personally if my memory is not failing me im using "FairyTaleGameplay" preset.

The conclusion!
Final Fantasy 14 is a great single player game but an average mmo. Why? Did you read the whole text? Well the story and characters are great. Dungeons are also cool when you do them once or twice but thats it. Trials/raids are fantastic its worth doing them for transmogs or just for the accomplishement because you just did something that required skill and dedication but other than those? The world is shallow and bland, there is no reason to go back to it other than beas tribe quests and gathering (FATES maybe? Who does fates?). Crafting/Gathering? Below average. Housing? So hard to get that it could not exist at all. Pvp? Its cool but nobody plays it. Transmogs? Im already 400/400 cant get more. There is nothing in the game that would keep you long term, unless youre into eRP, im not. FF14 is a great story focused game that you play once and come back for the next expansion.
I wish you all a good day bye! :D

PS. Sorry for the wall of text. It became bigger than i though lol. Also sorry for the grammar, im not an english speaking native and im sure that i made lot of mistakes.
If youre curious what i will play now, im waiting for a new world launch will be back to ff probably on endwalker but we will see.
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2021.09.20 10:28 uiuctossout [US-WA] [H] Paypal [W] MGA Standard kit

Hey all,
Looking to buy a MGA Standard with PCB & plate. Preference for USB-C over USB Mini.
PM me with what you have and what price you're looking for.
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2021.09.20 10:28 Lewandabski710 El Salvador bought the dip… again

The president of El Salvador announced via twitter that they once again have bought the dip. They now own 700 Bitcoins. Then he goes on to say that “They can never beat you if you buy the dips.” Is this man lurking through the cryptocurrency, becase he legitimately seems like one of us. The cherry on top was him ending his series of tweets with “Presidential Advice 🇸🇻” This man is a fucking legend. I’m not sure if the people people of his country like him or not but he seems like he knows exactly what he is doing. Imagine once El Salvador has the same wealth as a first world country because this man bought the dip. I hope this ends well for them because they really deserve it. tweet
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2021.09.20 10:28 Cx_Nz Lit bangers the most cringe human ive ever seen on the internet

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2021.09.20 10:28 barbanco07 Hot😜🔥👅

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2021.09.20 10:28 TenebriRS This graffiti i found walking to work. Just beautiful... really represents how great education system is

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2021.09.20 10:28 _MaxGaming_ Is the update gonna be in-game or in that playstore?

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2021.09.20 10:28 lottoxx Tom Ford Fragrance Splints

Hi all,
I am just following up on a split post I made 6 months ago.
Last time there wasn't enough interest for the splits... But I went ahead and bought the bottles anyway because I have very little impulse control.
I have the following bottles to splint:

Please express your interest in the comments or on the spreadsheet
Cost is $140 for 50mls (postage included)

Looking forward to hearing from those interested
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2021.09.20 10:28 JazzlikeConsequence3 Marshall MG15CF (raw clean tone straight outta amp)

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2021.09.20 10:28 thrwawayacc_ My dog accidentally ate my pills

I had misoprostol pills hidden away but my cat managed to get his hands on it while I was out & my dog caught it and started chewing on the packaging. I saw bits of the pills on the ground. Is this toxic to dogs? What warning signs should I be looking out for? Google says its used to treat stomach ulcers, so I'm wondering if I should take her to the emergency vet. She's acting the same, still hyper.
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2021.09.20 10:28 DrProfMinecraft Does anyone have boyfriends extra chapter 2 nsfw

I wanted chapter 2 but I couldn't find it anywhere if u send one thank you very much as it helps
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2021.09.20 10:28 GreeenT34 Alcoholism in Republic of Moldova

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2021.09.20 10:28 fjsm18 19/F/Portugal - looking for a EU penpal

I’m interested in a snail mail penpal to exchange letters with, though I’m open to send postcards and other small gifts as well. Think washi samples, stickers, drawings, tea bags...
I’m looking for someone around my age (17-22). Gender doesn’t matter, but I’d prefer a penpal from the EU to keep shipping more affordable.
I’m currently in college studying Medicine. In my free times I enjoy to read, journal with my fountain pen, go on walks, crafting (cross stitch is my favourite) and baking. I own too many houseplants and a small crystal collection as well. I’m willing to talk about everything in letters - from small everyday events to deeper subjects. It’s up to you!
If you think we’d get along well, please send me a PM with a little about yourself. I’m looking forward to meeting you :)
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