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2021.09.20 09:33 Wrong_Worldliness_62 🤷🏿‍♂️

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2021.09.20 09:33 smous Speculation - The role of A.I.

“Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.”
Because of the Dune movie coming out, I started rereading the book. In Dune, they explain why they put a moratorium on A.I. / 'thinking machines'
In Red Rising, there are some similar plotthreads. Some small clues that point to Quicksilver as having access to forbidden (A.I.?) technology.
What role do you think A.I. and other forbidden technology will play in the final book? I'm thinking it might be far larger that in all the previous books combined, I feel even it's all leading up to some big revelation with Quicksilver.
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2021.09.20 09:33 TornadoJ88 Khairy: Covid-19 vaccine supply sufficient for booster dose, adolescent immunisation programme

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2021.09.20 09:33 GallantPotatoSupreme Same room coop games, not necessarily shooters (any platform)

My brother and I just finished It Takes Two. The coop game about a mom and dad who hate their daughter and follow the orders of a perverse Spanish book.
We really enjoyed it. It’s more of an action puzzle solving game than anything I guess. We’re really just looking for more games we can play together. MMO’s don’t really work since he gets sucked in a lot more easily than I do so ends up out leveling. Shooters are ok, but there’s less talking and hanging out than pew pewing.
So semi action puzzle games are best. We’ve already done at least one Zelda multiple swords adventure game too.
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2021.09.20 09:33 dark_prophet How to quantify the speed and turnaround time of the Internet connection?

I compare 2 providers - Xfinity cable and Sonic fiber.

When I open various websites from Xfinity - they open subjectively much slower. For example, while opening YouTube - its skeleton shows up fast, then individual channels show up in 2-3 seconds with images continuing to download for another 3 seconds.

On Sonic fiber YouTube opens completely, with all images, in ~1 sec.

Same with all other sites.

Connection's download speed 100 Mbit/sec should be sufficient so speed alone doesn't explain the difference. I think Xfinity prioritizes or shapes traffic.

Is there a way to measure and quantify connection's responsiveness beyond just speed that the speedtest program measures ?
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2021.09.20 09:33 Xsquad_Kc The Problem with the Texas Abortion Laws

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2021.09.20 09:33 Intelligent_Fox2637 New ATL1102 proteomics data to be presented in Late Breaking News Abstact at the World Muscle Society 2021 Virtual Conference. $ANP is a biotechnology company commercialising and developing new treatments for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and rare diseases. Listed on ASX and Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

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2021.09.20 09:33 PayingHyip his project is rocking if you want to invest in crypto this is the best project for your

Its a perfect project for very one to make money and buy landorc token while the price is too low. This project is rocking if you want to invest in crypto this is the best project for your. Using the principles of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Digital Asset Owner can participate in the global real estate projects with active returns and security of land based collateral.
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2021.09.20 09:33 Wade6895 Huge opportunity for the token community you are involved with!

You can win a spot as a rewards token dividend on an upcoming project launch. Batshit Crazy crypto has 20 different rewards selections for their holders and they’re giving spots away to the strongest communities that their members are truly 🦇💩🤪. They are hosting another huge voting competition tonight on their website.
If you win the added benefits are as follows:
1. Added to BSCrazy’s HODL rewards. The contract will then automatically buy this token and distribute it
2. Increased holders
3. A chance to do an AMA with the BSCrazy community to explain why your token is the best and other opportunities for collaboration with our other winners! (4 amazing communities thus far)
4. free BSCrazy tokens to the winning devs that can be distributed to members
5. Some free graphics and a section on BSCrazy’s website explaining this token.
7. Winners receive presale access to BSCrazy token.
If you think your community is 🦇💩🤪 enough then reach out to me and we’ll add you to tonight’s competition
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2021.09.20 09:33 SzymonBochniak Here's a quick way to 🎥 organize WEBINAR in Teams

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2021.09.20 09:33 I-Want-To-Fly-High Just what exactly is wrong with me?

Okay, it’s that time of year where I started feeling extra lonely again, and I’ve been trying to figure out what I’ve been doing wrong, what I’ve been doing right and what I haven’t been doing, so I’m here asking for advice. Hopefully this won’t be annoyingly long.
So here’s the deal, I’m a college student in a little place call Taiwan (21 M) and I’ve never once had a real relationship before, I’ve been rejected 4 times, and there are some obvious reasons that I think might have caused this.
For one I’m overweight, I’m 179cm tall and weigh 100kg, which I can and have gone down to 80 but I’ve been really lazy since pandemic. Secondly I don’t really go out that often, after some stupid but traumatic experiences in junior high I started having trust issues, and the only talking I do is mainly playing games or watch movies with the bois, while having 2 to 3 female friends at the moment.
Because of these two reasons my social skills has gone down quite a bit, besides my friends I can have perfectly normal conversations with work colleagues or classmates, but anytime I want to make new friends or more importantly to talk the person I’m interested I start getting paranoid and nervous. I start worrying whether I’m over sharing, if they even want to talk to me, or if they’re bored of my conversations, and so I usually don’t have problems with conversation starters, but I cannot go beyond that whether I like it or not.
There are some (I think) good parts about me, I cook, I play music, people have said I have a nice voice and a good person to talk with in general, I do art and photography quite often and although not runway level I do think I’m acceptable fashion wise.
And so I’m here asking for help, am I just undesirable visually which lead me to friend zone after friend zone? Or can I still be saved.
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2021.09.20 09:33 JiaJun_Crypto Retro NFTs that pay homage to sci-fi films, cartoons, and comic books from the 80s - 20th September 2021, 1 PM UTC

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2021.09.20 09:33 BarBerickArc The giril who checkes French homework just asked if I had mine and I said no so she said "here copy mine tell me when you're done"

Corruption at its finest
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2021.09.20 09:33 yeaiamstillnotfunny fun fact:

shipping bob and bosip is just shipping amor and a table
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2021.09.20 09:33 Dead_wet_flesh_jets Rainbro Preetza

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2021.09.20 09:33 UrAniMaTiX A small fact about wishing

In case you don't realise, there is a 5.84% chance of getting a five star out of pity in a ten pull, which is decently higher than even getting a four star on a random pull (5%).
So, my point is, DO NOT pull on the coming banners for the four stars only if you are not willing to accept getting kokomi accidentally and ruining your pity build up, because for every four star you get (10 pulls at Max), there is a non negligible chance of almost 6% that you may get kokomi.
It's a win-win if you want kokomi however, but please keep this in mind always.
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2021.09.20 09:33 mr-copypasta Enlighten me please

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2021.09.20 09:33 jays117 Cod mobile down?

Been trying to get in for hours now but can't, anyone else?
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2021.09.20 09:33 sedatistan Unlimited TERA Classic Server (old TERA)

This game is my favorite. All this years 2021 games not even close to this good.
Most of them not have content,some of them has a bugs...etc
I was said when i saw tera "if they made in 2011 game like this what they can do in 2020"
now we are in 2021 all MMO genre gone backward.

So point is I hate TERA now :
-all ridiculus skills,
-all stupid costumes breaking game atmosphere (spor car in fantasy game,rocket,wedding dress,bikini...etc countless stıpid things) destroying game atmosphere. Do you want to see in witcher 3 a spor car or flying skate?? thats what happen.
-Flying mount in non-fliying project game(invisible barriers)
-open map PVP (i like to open world PVP it was so exciting and more adrenaline there is none now)
-Noone is doing quest now getting level is ridiculusly easy and now its not challanging just enter dungeon to dungeon solo
All goodness gone now

Question is : Can you open Unlimited TERA Classic Server and do not touch it.I think to many tera fans will be happy about it.Because game is not fix now and getting worse.

Please open for us Unlimited TERA Classic Server
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2021.09.20 09:33 CheetahSperm18 Ganyu

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2021.09.20 09:33 dnmj957 JOIN

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2021.09.20 09:33 kakkoimonogatari DepEd: Teachers can join pilot in-person classes regardless of vax status

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2021.09.20 09:33 XPastel_LoverX I am not a scammer!

Hi everyone,There are rumours about that I am a scammer.Bit I am actually not.I use my sister as an mm because no one wants to be a mm for me.Sometimes people do bad stuff but it doesn’t mean that they should be banned or called a scammer.Sometime you also do bad stuff but there must a reason right?Not everyone perfect.Most people are sus,actually everyone is sus.So please don’t judge a book by cover.Thank you
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2021.09.20 09:33 Cowicide Know your enemy.

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2021.09.20 09:33 innocuouseight I lost my dad today

It’s two a.m. and after getting a call this morning life has shifted so violently I’m lost. He was sicker than we’d seen him, but just the day before we were with him, he played with his grandkids he loved so much, and talked about life and the future. Then some time in the next eight hours he was gone.
We made the necessary decisions, called the people who matter most, and I have been surrounded by my siblings, but I am so, so heartbroken. I’m in my late 30s and have been lucky enough to never have had anyone close to me pass away, but now it almost seems like a disservice. The emotions seem too heavy to process, too cumbersome to move from my heart…
Scrolling social media seems wrong, sharing photos seems wrong, talking about it seems wrong…just sitting here alone I forget to breathe. I read articles because logic helps me cope, but knowing that these emotions will get worse after the shock sets in is terrifying.
Of all the things, I am selfishly devastated for my kids and all the things they won’t have, won’t know because he is not here.
Thanks for listening.
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