Internationalizing Safety

2021.10.21 15:11 worstnerd Internationalizing Safety

As Reddit grows and expands internationally, it is important that we support our international communities to grow in a healthy way. In community-driven safety, this means ensuring that the complete ecosystem is healthy. We set basic Trust and Safety requirements at the admin level, but our structure relies on users and moderators to also play their role. When looking at the safety ecosystem, we can break it into 3 key parts:

The data largely shows that our content moderation is scaling and that international communities show healthy levels of reporting and moderation. We are taking steps to ensure that this will continue in the future and that we can identify the instances when this is not the case.
Before we go too far, it's important to recognize that not all subreddits have the same level of activity. Being more active is not necessarily better from a safety perspective, but generally speaking, as a subreddit becomes more active we see the maturity of the community and mods increase (I'll touch more on this later). Below we see the distribution of subreddit categories as a function of various countries. I'll leave out the specific details of how we define each of these categories but they progress from inactive (not shown) → on the cuspgrowingactivehighly active.
Categorizing Subreddit Activity by Country
Country On the Cusp Growing Active Highly Active
US 45.8% 29.7% 17.4% 4.0%
GB 47.3% 29.7% 14.1% 3.5%
CA 34.2% 28.0% 24.9% 5.0%
AU 44.6% 32.6% 12.7% 3.7%
DE 59.9% 26.8% 7.6% 1.7%
NL 47.2% 29.1% 11.8% 0.8%
BR 49.1% 28.4% 13.4% 1.6%
FR 56.6% 25.9% 7.7% 0.7%
MX 63.2% 27.5% 6.4% 1.2%
IT 50.6% 30.3% 10.1% 2.2%
IE 34.6% 34.6% 19.2% 1.9%
ES 45.2% 32.9% 13.7% 1.4%
PT 40.5% 26.2% 21.4% 2.4%
JP 44.1% 29.4% 14.7% 2.9%
We see that our larger English speaking countries (US, GB, CA, and AU) have a fairly similar distribution of activity levels (AU subreddits skew more active than others). Our larger non-English countries (DE, NL, BR, FR, IT) skew more towards "on the cusp." Again, this is neither good or bad from a health perspective, but it is important to note as we make comparisons across countries.
Our moderators are a critical component of the safety landscape on Reddit. Moderators create and enforce rules within a community, cater automod to help catch bad content quickly, review reported content, and do a host of other things. As such, it is important that we have an appropriate concentration of moderators in international communities. That said, while having moderators is important, we also need to ensure that these mods are taking "safety actions" within their communities (we'll refer to mods who take safety actions as "safety moderators" for the purposes of this report). Below is a chart of the average number of "safety moderators" in each international community.
Average Safety Moderators per Subreddit
Country On the cusp Growing Active Highly Active
US 0.37 0.70 1.68 4.70
GB 0.37 0.77 2.04 7.33
CA 0.35 0.72 1.99 5.58
AU 0.32 0.85 2.09 6.70
DE 0.38 0.81 1.44 6.11
NL 0.50 0.76 2.20 5.00
BR 0.41 0.84 1.47 5.60
FR 0.46 0.76 2.82 15.00
MX 0.28 0.56 1.38 2.60
IT 0.67 1.11 1.11 8.00
IE 0.28 0.67 1.90 4.00
ES 0.21 0.75 2.20 3.00
PT 0.41 0.82 1.11 8.00
JP 0.33 0.70 0.80 5.00
What we are looking for is that as the activity level of communities increases, we see a commensurate increase in the number of safety moderators (more activity means more potential for abusive content). We see that most of our top non-US countries have more safety mods than our US focused communities at the same level of activity (with a few exceptions). There does not appear to be any systematic differences based on language. As we grow internationally, we will continue to monitor these numbers, address any low points that may develop, and work directly with communities to help with potential deficiencies.
Healthy communities also rely on users responding appropriately to bad content. On Reddit this means downvoting and reporting bad content. In fact, one of our strongest signals that a community has become "toxic" is that we see that users are responding in the opposite fashion by upvoting violating content. So, counterintuitively when we are evaluating whether we are seeing healthy growth within a country, we want to see a larger fraction of content being reported (within reason), and that a good fraction of communities are actually receiving reports (ideally this number approaches 100%, but very small communities may not have enough content or activity to receive reports. For every country, 100% of highly engaged communities receive reports).
Portion of Subreddits with Reports Portion of content Reported
US 48.9%
GB 44.1%
CA 56.1%
DE 42.6%
AU 45.2%
BR 31.4%
MX 31.9%
NL 52.2%
FR 34.6%
IT 41.0%
ES 38.2%
IE 51.1%
PT 50.0%
JP 35.5%
Here we see a little bit more of a mixed bag. There is not a clear English vs non-English divide, but there are definitely some country level differences that need to be better understood. Most of the countries fall into a range that would be considered healthy, but there are a handful of countries where the reporting dynamics leave a bit to be desired. There are a number of reasons why this could be happening, but this requires further research at this time.
The next thing we can look at is how moderators respond to the content being reported by users. By looking at the mod rate of removal of user reported content, we can ensure that there is a healthy level of moderation happening at the country level. This metric can also be a bit confusing to interpret. We do not expect it to be 100% as we know that reported content has a natural actionability rate (i.e., a lot of reported content is not actually violating). A healthy range is in the 20-40% range for all activity ranges. More active communities tend to have higher report removal rates because of larger mod teams and increased reliance on automod (which we've also included in this chart).
Moderator report removal rate Automod usage
US 25.3%
GB 28.8%
CA 30.4%
DE 24.7%
AU 33.7%
BR 28.9%
MX 16.5%
NL 26.7%
FR 26.6%
IT 27.2%
ES 12.4%
IE 34.2%
PT 23.6%
JP 28.9%
For the most part, we see that our top countries show a very healthy dynamic between user's reporting content, and moderators taking action. There are a few low points here, notably Spain and Mexico, the two Spanish speaking countries, this dynamic needs to be further understood. Additionally, we see that automod adoption is generally lower in our non-English countries. Automod is a powerful tool that we provide to moderators, but it requires mods to write some (relatively simple) English. This is, in part, why we are working on building more native moderator tools that do not require any code to be written (there are other benefits to this work that I won't go into here).
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2021.10.21 15:11 Lavendoula Lost feathers and fighting

Hello! My biggest hen has no feathers on her neck or bum. There are some quills sticking out tho and it looks v weird. And then this morning I went to let them out and another had a gouge that was perfectly beak sized. Are they fighting and what can I do about it? I am ensuring nutritional needs, and they get to be free in the day
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2021.10.21 15:11 flytraphippie Ron Darling looks like a used car salesmen who is trying to bait and switch you into a Ford Taurus.

Go Braves!
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2021.10.21 15:11 Sattamassagana84 Help finding a conversion

Greetings all, some time ago I recall seeing a techpriest converted from the staff lady of the Necromunda Nautica lot (This lot) but I cannot find the right combination of search terms to find it now. Does anyone know where I could find/who made this?
Thank you in advance.
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2021.10.21 15:11 stormhawkvlt Can anyone advise me on making a jumpsuit?

I have plenty of reference photos thanks to slipknot history but have no idea how to make/decorate my plain red jumpsuit. I can somewhat sow and despite being 6ft 2 I’m doing joey. Wanting to do Iowa red suit really
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Does anyone have a spare shiny bulbasaur on switch? After 688 eggs I just accidentally released my shiny and I am actually crying 😭
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2021.10.21 15:11 fairebelle Do cash jobs still exist?

I'm going on month five at a farm-to-table local restaurant. I've never been prouder of the food and drink I'm serving to my guests. It's truly a wonderful restaurant with supportive management and co-workers. My only problem is that is the pay situation. All CC tips go on our paychecks and, well, no one pays with cash anymore.
I know it's been a largely CC tip industry for a long time, but I rode out Covid on unemployment and missed the big changes that happen to our industry in real time.
Transitioning to a pay check has frankly been extremely difficult for me. I had an emergency this week. Some absolute idiot left their phone on the roof of their car and happened to be using a wallet phone case as well. I am that idiot. If I was still making cash everyday, I would have had this taken care of the day after it happened, but now I have to wait to get paid.
I'm considering getting a second job to help bridge the gap. I was driving for DoorDash, but I can't do that without a phone. I also couldn't get ahead of my autodrafts this week by doing delivery and I'm now -$400 in the hole. So that's next week's paycheck too.
Do cash jobs still exist? I'm at the end of my rope here and don't really know what to do.
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2021.10.21 15:11 iaman00b Official Update on Gold Duping

Greetings Adventurers,
Since transfers began we have identified a small number of characters who after moving servers are in an invalid data state that prevents their character from properly saving. We’ve corrected the characters in this condition as of this morning.
Some players among this small set transferred gold or items while their character was affected. All of these transactions are logged in our database. We are reviewing them now and any players found deliberately using this condition to gain advantage will be banned for exploiting. We will also remove items or gold received where appropriate.
Going forward, as a precautionary measure, we may prevent login temporarily on characters in this state. If you are one of the rare people who transfers and afterwards cannot log in, the condition should automatically resolve within two hours. If it persists beyond that time please contact customer service.
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2021.10.21 15:11 ZamCyanwood How do I deal with my daddy issues?

So my (27m) parents got divorced in 2006 because my dad cheated and now is married to her and they have twin girls. I am the oldest of my three siblings and when the divorce happened, i totally saw it coming so I didnt really react to it the same way as my siblings. With my dad leaving I became the “man of the house” but I really wasn’t. I became had to be there for my mom in this fucked up time where she was having mental breakdowns left and right, not to mention my brother who is on the spectrum would constantly get into arguments and I would have to break them up. This caused me to bottle up a lot of emotions and for a long time I wasn’t really confronting how much anger I had towards my father. I lost respect for him so I sorta treated him like a friend more than my dad and never once confronted him about any of the ways I felt.
Fast forward to 2020 and after hearing my dads opinions on the masks and politic, all of the bottled up hate came to the surface and I have been ghosting him and cursing his name. Right now i’ve fallen on some financial hardships and desperately need some help. So I finally reached out to him for help but in my anger I added that I don’t care to have a relationship with him. I felt the need to be brutally honest but I’m also asking for money so I feel all sorts of fucked up.
I’m feeling like saying I don’t want a relationship may have been a gut reaction, but I’ve been over his shit for a while. I’m not sure I love him. Anytime one us kids try to talk to him about any topic like politics, race issues, economic issues etc. he just changes the subject and gets irritated. I know i just need to talk it out with him but I’m dreading the interaction and also just unsure of my own emotions. Any and all advice is really appreciated, I am a mess.
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2021.10.21 15:11 skimmoon Tips for fighting scenes?

I am writing a scene where two characters spar to let off steam, with the purpose of showing their relationship dynamic and how it differs from canon (where it's much more one-sided and legitimately hostile). Does anyone have advice on how much detail to use, how much of the focus to put on actions over thoughts, or anything else? I've never written a scene like this before, and I want to do it well. Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.21 15:11 BobbyCostner Was that wrong? Should I have not done that?

George asks this question to his boss after he had sex with the cleaning lady on his desk. Does George have a point? I mean it was after hours, doesn't really interfere with his work.
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Hello neighbours! I'm a tourist from Romania visiting Budapest for a couple of days and I was wondering if you have/you know some pubs where you can play some beerpong? I've searched on google but didn't had too much luck finding any. Cheers!
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I know the Next Gen cars are a little wonky with how they behave. Got a League Race Coming up and I’m still trying to knock about a second off my 27.4 lap time from the baseline iRacing setup. Any advice would be appreciated!
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