All four of these are game over screen ideas so this may not be final.

2021.10.21 15:13 Sufficient_Corner477 All four of these are game over screen ideas so this may not be final.

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2021.10.21 15:13 No_Breadfruit_8857 Tana Mongeau show body so hot <3

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2021.10.21 15:13 NapoleonSnoepje69 Question for the community

Iam thinking of pre ordering the anvil liberator but I have never done a pre order in star citizen if I pre order it will I get rental ships to compensate till I have it or is my money just locked away till release.
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2021.10.21 15:13 chat_to_the_gamer gta the trilogy remake gameplay leak gta san part

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2021.10.21 15:13 Fast_Contribution_40 21 M - USA (Las Vegas, Los Angeles) - July/August 2022

Hi there! I am a 21 y/o student from Belgium. I have been dreaming about visiting California and Nevada for such a long time and I want to put my dreams into motions this summer. I am looking for nice like-minded people, preferably around my age, who would want to join me. Hit me up if you are interested!
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2021.10.21 15:13 scorchd_ I drew Marci

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2021.10.21 15:13 mario_boi8 ZXmany when he sees the first zombie

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2021.10.21 15:13 Fun-Hall3213 I did a week.

Sadly, this is a big step for me and I'm proud of myself. I think it's been a year and a half since I went a week without drinking. I'm becoming more confident that I can do this, although there is sadness for my former 'fun' life. I have to remember how to be a normal person I guess. I think I can do this. I'm worried about the holidays but I'll try to stay in situations which won't trigger the shit out of me. I feel happy that I've made a change. Hope everyone is well.
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2021.10.21 15:13 ValentinaSmith01 My kitten Lucy

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2021.10.21 15:13 Ermun-Munkhnasan What are your thoughts on the deluxe version of Fallen Embers?

It was good, just as I was expecting and here are my thoughts on the songs.
In terms of my thoughts on the songs, I already talked about Wouldn’t Change a Thing, which is a god tier song, but let’s get into the rest of the songs.
The Virtual Riot remix of Blame Myself is a banger of a song, with both drops being massive, though I still find heavy refined versions of already light hearted songs to be weird and it’s not a bad thing.
Hurts Like This has Illenium trying out house for the first time and I was shocked when I heard it and was great. I think his first remix was a house track but I don’t remember, can anyone correct me?
Superhero, just like the last song, has Illenium trying out new sounds, in this case DnB, and it worked out. The switch up on the last stop is also great too.
I See You is the longest song here and on the album overall and has a ambient feel and it also worked out. I was expecting this song to have an intro feel but after seeing the length, it now feels like an outro to me.
I also have the four original songs placed in the album and made my own track listing to it. I’ll make this short because I don’t wanna waste my time.
Wouldn’t Change a Thing is place between Heavenly Side and Sideways
Hurts Like This is placed between Nightlight and Hearts on Fire, which the latter is followed by Superhero
I See You is placed as the last song, after Brave Soul
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2021.10.21 15:13 NeonSoakedFilm 29 [M4F] online - I Am Easily Distracted

So, there's a low amount of pressure for you to achieve maximum distraction with me. Let's pepper each other with questions, comments, random statements, things we've learned. Anything and everything.
I'm jet lagged (just returned from an international trip), so there's also the potential for a bit of loopiness. Extra fun and all that.
Dilute your entire personality into a sentence. What's your favorite color? Season? How are things going in life?
I'm into quite a few things: math, reading, history, basketball, movies (especially older movies). I used to play video games a bit, but I've been on a bit of a hiatus as of late, if you have recs, I'd love to hear them, though.
Let's chat!
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2021.10.21 15:13 vintagethrowaway19 Perfect machine for the pub! Just had a bunch of people discussing this bicycle- I always relish saying I’m the owner!!!

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2021.10.21 15:13 CopyC47 Defeating the Culinaromancer

What are recommended stats for completing the fights? Im currently 60att/65st60def and getting absolutely bodied by the first boss, Agrith-na-na. How much further do I need to train? Also what ranged levels if any are recommended for the other bosses?
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2021.10.21 15:13 eddbeast Far cry 6 walkthrough

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2021.10.21 15:13 crytoloover DODO 将参与建设 Solana 生态

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2021.10.21 15:13 NaseemMohammed #UnionOfEuropeanFootballAssociationsChampionsLeagueResults

UnionOfEuropeanFootballAssociationsChampionsLeagueResults Barcelona continues to struggle! I guess Salzburg is the better 'burg'! Young Boys have a lot to learn! Malmo, it could've been worse! Benfica can't hardly wait for the away leg! Great comeback by Manchester United! O.K.! Who knows what's the full form of L.O.S.C.?! Zenit will have to work harder to reach the zenith! Manchester City is on a roll! What a humiliation for Besiktas! Really unselfish of Messi to allow Mbappe to take the penalty kick instead of trying to score a hat-trick! Good recovery by Porto! Mohamed Salah is in the form of his life! Ajax has become a force to reckon with! Inter Milan gave Sheriff the slip! Real Madrid, good to have you back!
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2021.10.21 15:13 thisisprophetic 29 [F4M] Northeast FL - Regale me.

This is me.
I'm not everyone's cuppa, but it works for some!
I'm a plus-sized educated woman attracted almost exclusively to older men, hence my appearance on this sub. I like to say I have a little bit of baggage but wear it well... Let's talk about it!
My five-year marriage is coming to an end this month. I'm looking for a partner of sorts. Maybe nothing romantically serious but definitely someone who will stick around. Who knows.
My interests include classical music, storm-tracking and parks. Message me - roll the dice!
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2021.10.21 15:13 cwhiskeyjoe Brand (Jif) ratio on ingredients

Does anybody have estimates on the ratios of peanuts, sugar, oil for the major brands?
Just curious as they’re (especially Jif) so superior to European (limited) brands.
What I mean is not the gross, label but as with over here they’ll say: 65% peanut, palm oil, sugar, salt
Highest I’ve seen (shelf stable) is 90 % peanut, which is about the best tasting of the local (cr.p) ones, but still far far away from a jar like Jif, Reese’s, Skippy or Peter Pan.
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2021.10.21 15:13 yelltune ✨Large enough?

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2021.10.21 15:13 Verify_Scam and the rug has already begun

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2021.10.21 15:13 NotBrylee What do you think? F22 (sorry its a little dark hehe)

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2021.10.21 15:13 Navar4477 [Question] Have the devs ever explained why the color selection pool is so low?

Or if they’re looking into it? Flags can be a bit bland at times, and was hoping they’ve at least mentioned it somewhere.
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2021.10.21 15:13 IgnacioB3Jr Gee, thanks best buy, boxes are trashed and those strickers would never come off this craps going back..

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2021.10.21 15:13 anuent New Potly Bag - Made from Top-grain buffalo leather

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2021.10.21 15:13 qbert57ez I have been trying to get my dictation/ weather subscription turned back on for nearly 3 weeks. I’m a paying subscriber to Rebble. I’ve been emailing once per week for 3 weeks… no dice.

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