Struggling Jalen Gaffney was the ‘unsung hero’ of the UConn men’s basketball team’s win at Butler

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2022.01.22 15:20 justin_quinnn Struggling Jalen Gaffney was the ‘unsung hero’ of the UConn men’s basketball team’s win at Butler

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2022.01.22 15:20 melinisar Long shot question on finding I book I read in the 90s

I need a little help here. I know this will be grasping at straws some, but like most I can't remember the key facts. I read a novel in the 90s that was written in the 80s. The hero was bi and had his nails ripped off as torture. Loki was in it as a shapeshifter. The hero was a king/prince. He fell in love with a man, but the woman was needed to fulfill a prophecy where man and woman unite to save the kingdom. I think he shifted into a god figure with antlers during the joining before they returned to human form.
I am trying to remember more details and even dig through my books, but sadly I think this is one I lost. I only remember it was published by TOR.
I know its a long shot, but does anyone have titles that I can look up to see if it was the book I read? I know it was in a series too.
Thank you.
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2022.01.22 15:20 Milk_Sourz Got these from a GameStop nearby :)

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2022.01.22 15:20 George_Thy_King In FH5 level system

Last night my level was 199 then the next time I looked at my level it had a ⭐️1 and then a 2 next to it. What does this mean? Is this a glitch?
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2022.01.22 15:20 nitowonka 25mm 1.7 aperture not responing

Hello everyone! Recently found that the aperture in my 25mm is not responding, the numbers change but there is no change in the aperture even when recording. This does not happen with the 14-42 kit lens, constant preview is turned on. Does anybody know what is happening or how to fix it?
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2022.01.22 15:20 vape_matze VapeMatze on Twitter

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2022.01.22 15:20 JacksVarietyTwitter I fucking love these little creatures.

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2022.01.22 15:20 stinkysona [OC] [X] my oc dolores but as a taur :3

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2022.01.22 15:20 InitialChef1796 ✅$5 entry fee. (605vids, 70 mega links in chat). 🟩 Only HMU PAYMENT READY

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2022.01.22 15:20 Just-a-guy999 Genesect 6368 61334968

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2022.01.22 15:20 TheOneAndOnly1444 I live in a rural area AMA.

Everyone on Reddit seems to live in towns or cities but I live in a forest. It's strange how all the city dwellers talk about traffic and neighbors. So very foreign. No one ever talks about getting firewood or shooting a coyote that was getting friendly with your chickens.
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2022.01.22 15:20 CerveauRecyclable La côte de porc à moins de deux euros le kilo : la nouvelle polémique qui touche E.Leclerc

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2022.01.22 15:20 SwellyTR "Trending" - Our Favorite New Hip-Hop / R&B Music, Every Friday (THIS WEEK: Young Dolph, Megan Thee Stallion, Kanye West, Russ, JID, Lil Durk + more)
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2022.01.22 15:20 Dry-Toe-3139 Is this a compliment or a roast

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2022.01.22 15:20 buttwholebanger Ryzen 7 1700+old gigabyte b350 with (busted Ethernet)

160 is cool lel
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2022.01.22 15:20 escape_euphoria I’ve been sober for 6 years and I’ve never wanted to use more

Like the title says, I’ve been sober off H/pills/random street shit for 6 years now. Sober off alcohol for 1 year. I just smoke occaisionally and trip occaisionally. I know everyone on this sub knows how hard it’s been to stay sober over the past two years. I managed to do it. Through quarantine and lockdowns and losing family and jobs and money. My partner and I are both sober off our DOC (not in a program or anything, I’m in therapy he’s not). My life fucking sucks right now. 12-14 hour days to make ends meet. I’m burnt out and exhausted and all I want is to use. I feel like life back then was so much more simple and free. Idk why I chose to do it but I watched the first episode of the show “euphoria” the other day and it just unlocked something in me. I can’t stop thinking about it and I know it would ruin my life but…. It seems worth it at this point.
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2022.01.22 15:20 czeuch The Shining Danger [40x40]

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2022.01.22 15:20 Homeofthelizardmen Horse With No Name

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2022.01.22 15:20 Interesting-Loss-551 30m anyone wanna talk

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2022.01.22 15:20 palindrome247 E shop closing today?

Can anyone explain what’s happening with the shop today? I got a Wii U just yesterday, but I’m confused if the Eshop is closing or if it’s just changing the payment methods. I don’t want to make impulse buys that aren’t necessary but I also don’t want to miss out… thank you!
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2022.01.22 15:20 SouthParkiscool I was given a 21st Century history book. I didn't think existential terror could get this bad. (Part 5)

There were a couple issues at this point. I was in a basement with a few people I didn't know, it was the time of day most of the creatures that roamed the streets in 2071 were usually out, and the cults were after me.
Another thing that made my heart sink was learning the world population was frozen at 9.5 Billion. The world hit that number around 2055, so how was it still at that amount, and frozen, in 2071? I wondered.
Well… apparently in October 2070, the Mex Kala Assembly forced the "real" world population to be revealed, which was 500 Million less than it was at the time. Since Summer 2070, everything has gotten a bit more expensive. That only happens when there's less trade going on. Agent Edwards insists Nnotz's creatures have eaten 1 Billion random people in total over the course of a year. If so, that is catastrophic. The world population count hasn't been updated since October 2070. If it's 8.5 Billion by the end of 2071, the world in the future… or alternate reality… whatever theory is true… is done.
Agent Edwards uploaded the dash cam footage of the dead Slarrow onto whatever the biggest website in 2071 was. I forgot its name. He said if the video gets the right amount of visibility, it will go viral, then the world will know Nnotz's creatures can be taken down. He was hell bent on this. He wanted to bring the world back to some semblance of sanity. Hopefully it wasn't just pure blind faith though.
Again... 20-freaking-71.
It was only 9 PM when the first knocks were heard. The banging noises returned. The humanoids were back. The one that followed Alexis was likely there too. Edwards, Daniels, and Luke went over to the other end of the basement to try to get some sleep. Arilyn continued to work on some gadgets. I was still sitting in that one spot. Frozen. I didn't think there was a point in moving as there was going to be something dangerous coming at me soon anyway. Whether that night or the next day. The banging on the stair cover kept going. Sometimes it stopped for a minute before starting back up again.
I finally decided to move, but only to get up to tell Arilyn she needed to finish what she wanted to finish, then bring me back home to 2022. She told me it was almost done.
The only thing stopping me from stealing the time watch again was that I was in 2071. I could've only dreamed of jumping into the future or into another reality… whatever theory was true. But this future, or reality, was scary. I couldn't sleep at all. I could only get 1 to 5 hours of sleep depending on the night. My dreams only featured me running. Sometimes the sounds of the slithering outside or banging knocking noises made it into my dreams. It was always a nightmare.
Arilyn told me she could record my dreams with predictive AI and MRI scans. I declined that offer. In any other circumstance, I would've been entirely willing to watch recorded dreams of mine. This circumstance was too much all around.
I was exhausted, because of both the survival instinct and the lack of sleep. There was nowhere to go where I'd be safe in 2071… other than the countries around the equator.
Either way, my racing thoughts were the last straw. I was going mad. I recalled the old story of the guy who stared at a lamp for a couple days only to realize he was knocked unconscious. It was stupid of me to do… because this was all real… and I knew it… but I went over to the lamp beside Arilyn and I stared into it for an hour. "Are you okay?" Arilyn asked. "No," I said. "If you're comfortable with it, you can talk to me," Arilyn said.
"I'm stuck in a reality with demonic creatures. Unfortunately it's not a dream or a hallucination. That should say enough," I said.
Staring at the lamp while knowing what I was experiencing was real wasn't going to get me anywhere. I was just going insane.
The loud knocking continued. I knew I had to stay away from it, but the sound had been going on for an hour, to the point where my morbid curiosity began to spike. I walked over to the covering. I couldn't see through it, but I could tell where the sound was coming from. The humanoid was knocking on the middle of the side of the covering. It was sitting on the lawn. The sound was hypnotizing. It sounded more like a song... but that was it... It was trying to brainwash me. I walked over to the other side of the basement, resisting the sound. Agent Daniels walked past me. "Make sure you don't go over to the sound. It's trying to brainwash us," I said.
Agent Edwards ran up to the covering while holding a phone up in the air. He was really hyped. He played an electronic/rock song on full blast, trying to drown out the hypnotizing noise. He played it all the way through, but the sound continued after.
Then a second sound started. On top of that, the deep slithering sounds returned outside. I ran over to the opposite end of the basement. The slithering sounds were deeper there, but what was I going to do? I wasn't going to let myself get brainwashed and possessed.
Daniels was looking at something on a laptop. He told me to have a look. It was security camera footage from behind the house, with the charred remains of the house in view. Sand Rovers stood still around the house. What I saw crawling around them though… was otherworldly. They weren't like the snakes mentioned earlier. They were flat irregular shapes of all different shapes and sizes. Nothing more than four times bigger than a Sand Rover though. Each of them had red holes on top of them. They looked like mouths with a thousand tiny sharp blades for teeth, but they also looked like eyes. They "blinked" once a minute. My stomach turned as I looked at them.
I also saw the two humanoids, the one with the white face and four pupils, along with the one with a purple face, three pupils, and sharp teeth on its lips, sitting on top of the white metal board covering the stairs to the basement. They were staring in the direction of the back of the basement, where I was watching the footage. My stomach closed up as I became unnerved. The purple humanoid was as scary as I thought it would be.
Those things were all either deadly or possessive. No one was able to go outside. Though that mainly only went for night time. It would still inspire a bunch of fear for the day though. No one wants to encounter any of these creatures a second time. Same with me.
"I'm not watching that," I said as I turned my head. I walked away. I stopped when I recalled the humanoids. There was nowhere to go.
A minute later, Agent Daniels walked up beside me. He looked into my eyes, but I didn't break my dead stare into nowhere. I didn't move at all either. "I was like you. Trapped in between one monstrosity and another. Too scared to move. Almost going insane wondering what I could possibly do next, knowing I couldn't do a thing without being possessed, hurt badly, or killed. You'd admit you didn't know a damn thing about what you were encountering. A survivalist wouldn't even be able to tell you, because they haven't experienced those things. I narrowly escaped from… that place. That place that I'm positive will be the future. 2171, 2271, whenever it was," he said.
Daniels's attempt to calm me down only works in shards. Each shard of a calmer feeling was flattened by the hard feelings of everything going on around me.
"Arilyn said time travel might just be jumping to alternate realities. Hopefully you just went to an alternate reality and it won't be the future to this reality... or future... I'm in right now," I said. "That doesn't really matter to me. What I experienced was real," Agent Daniels said. He quickly turned away. He walked into the bathroom beside me. I heard him scream into a towel. It was muffled, but the amount of time he did it for m ade me concerned. Agent Edwards walked up to the bathroom door. "Did he ask?" he asked Daniels. "No. He's me just one week in," Daniels said.
It didn't matter what experience I heard about. I'm not saying he was gatekeeping, but I know that every bad experience is bad no matter what it is. They should all be treated with whatever is necessary. This experience was mine. Based on my own experiences, this was the only one I questioned my amount of time left in. Hopefully, the basement was enough to keep those monstrosities away from me.
I didn't know how long I stood still for but I never got tired. I couldn't feel my legs though. The loud knocking noises started up again. I kept seeing Arilyn resisting to move anywhere towards the humanoids' noise making. I took one step backwards myself just in case, but my feet were asleep, so I fell on my back with a thud. That wasn't enough to distract me from fear though. While laying on the floor, I heard something rummaging around in the rubble upstairs. At first, I thought it was one of the humanoids, but then the rummaging sound spread out to both ends of the remains of the house. All the rubble upstairs was being moved around at once.
"Oh god," I whispered to myself as I felt a trembling dread. A minute later, all the noises stopped.
The low slithering noise, the banging knocking sounds all stopped at the same time. The rummaging was still happening, however. I started to wonder what was up there. I wasn't going to check. An echoing screech filled the air. It sounded like a mixture of a human scream and if metal could scream. It echoed. I was frozen again. Seconds later, there was a loud bang that made the ceiling shake. I got up and ran into the back room.
Something was up there. I sat down in the back room, staring up at the ceiling. The rummaging continued for another minute. When it stopped, the silence was super calming. Ambient. I knew it wouldn't last though. The rummaging sounds returned. But right after they returned, I saw something moving on the ceiling. There were a dozen red bugs. Bugs were pretty much nothing to me by then, but these ones blended into 2071 well. Each one of them spewed some sort of acid onto the ceiling, creating black lines. A minute later, I realized those lines were perfectly straight cracks. The bugs were cutting a hole through the ceiling.
I ran out to Agent Edwards to tell him about the bugs. He went to look at them. He looked at them for a minute, observing their actions. He then announced to everyone that they must be prepared for the unprepared. Right after he said that, the screeching happened again, chilling me deeply. Arilyn packed all the gadgets into a big briefcase. She must've been quite optimistic, as she thought I could somehow survive until she finished making her device. Agent Edwards and Agent Daniels walked up beside me, but they didn't say anything. They were ready to protect me from something imminent.
A creaking noise came from the backroom. Just like that, the ceiling within the back room collapsed. Worse, one of those irregular shaped creatures with the eye-mouth fell down into the basement too, landing not too far away from Agent Daniels. My stomach felt like it was clenching again. It was so uncanny. It clearly wanted to terrorize and eat things alive. As it began to walk towards me, I ran into another room to hide. The creature began to growl.
"How the hell does this thing even live?" Agent Edwards asked.
"Oh my god!" Arilyn shouted.
Gunshots rang outside the room.
"My foot is not being ripped off," Luke said. More gunshots rang. I could only hear the gunshots, as well as the creature's groans as it got shot. "Is it dead? I have to know," Luke asked.
"All its teeth are out and there's multiple holes in it, so yeah," Agent Edwards said.
I slowly walked out of the room. When I saw the dead creature, I could only describe it as gross. It was almost in pieces, there was a blue liquid oozing out of it, and it was still trying to move. Agent Daniels walked up to it and kicked it with all his might. "Not coming around here anymore," he said. The thing stopped moving entirely. I ran up and kicked it myself. It landed against a wall, breaking into pieces. Another one of them fell down with a half eaten Sand Rover inside its mouth. I avoided hesitation and kicked that one over. It landed upside down. It was so useless on it's back. Agent Daniels shot at it until it turned to mush.
I felt adrenaline, having faced such a small fear. But that wasn't all. A grey blade in the shape of a claw crashed into the back room, breaking all of the rubble that once was part of the ceiling. I jumped. My stomach clenching feeling peaked. The sounds of rummaging returned. It was the creature that was upstairs. The claw jolted around, trying to move around in the basement. "What are you?" Luke asked. He shot the claw 3 times. It stopped moving. The loud screeching sound returned, louder than ever. A huge crashing sound happened upstairs. The claw tried to move again. I wanted to get to safety, but the claw looked extremely dangerous. I was safe enough in the spot I was standing in.
A loud booming noise filled the air. I jumped. A bright light shined down through the hole. The creature's claw stopped moving. The claw fell off, landing on the floor of the basement. I was praying for those to be the good guys.
Alexis jumped down through the hole. "The monstrosity is dead. Gonna need another month to make more anti-creature ammo," she said.
"Are the rest alive?" Luke asked.
"Yes," she said. I was a little bit relieved, but there still wasn't a guarantee that I'd make it through the next day without dying.
Throughout my time in the basement, it hit me harder that what I was going through was what billions of people were going through as well at the exact same time as me. In 2071, everyone must have their blinds closed so humanoids don't possess them. Everyone must stay inside at night if they're in a suburban area, because the Purlaws would come after you. If anyone is in a rural area, they have to deal with everything else. Demonic humanoids, mouth eye creatures, whatever those things with the big claws are, circular house climbing creatures… I was sure this was hell.
Typing those descriptions up, I became curious about what their actual names were. I barely had time to look it up on the 2071 internet due to some new development always coming up.
I asked Agent Edwards if I could look up the names of some of the creatures. What he told me next put something into perspective. "The one's you don't know the names of… they don't have names. The cults only want you to describe them, because it makes them seem bigger," he said. These cults were willing to use any type of fear to keep us in line. Describing a creature is scarier than saying its name. There are exceptions, but this isn't one of them. It was clever, but I was ready to give them names myself upon learning that goal.
"Then I'll give them my own names. Those circular creatures that climb houses are… Spitortuses… those eye-mouth creatures are... Foot Rovers," I said. Agent Edwards nodded his head. Whatever worked, I guess, was probably what he was thinking.
All this time though, I hadn't seen Agent Daniels for hours. I walked over to the room at the opposite end of the basement from where the stairs were. I knocked on the door, hoping Agent Daniels was okay. He told me I could come in. Agent Daniels was looking at the Sand Rover he put in that box earlier. It was now in a glass box, with wires and scanners hooked up to it. Agent Daniels was doing tests on it.
"I'm trying to find a way to communicate with him," Agent Daniels said. The Sand Rover used to be a person he knew. He thought there was a possible way he could communicate with this person, since there was no way they were erased. A conscience had to be in there somewhere. He didn't want to talk about who Bill was that much. I respected that.
I wasn't just going to forget about Opposition 5. They were pretty cool. I asked Alexander what happened in Winnipeg. "We used everything we prepared to use. Stun darts only took us so far. We resorted to explosives, especially on whatever demons they summoned to go after us. As a group, we hope to show everybody that Nnotz can be brought down a notch. I'd say that today, we succeeded. It only came at the cost of Mike," he said.
That was good to hear. They took down a Slarrow, they took down whatever that thing was that was above me… and I helped them by helping Agent Edwards get the dash cam footage of the dead Slarrow back to the house to be put online. With that last point, I was hoping I was about to witness the biggest viral moment of 2071. The moment everyone realized Nnotz's creatures can be taken down a notch. That didn't make them less scary, of course, but it was a step towards what the world was before 2064. Even if only a tiny step.
At one point, I was confused about whether or not we were going somewhere. Arilyn had her lab stuff packed up into her bag, Edwards and Daniels had guns drawn towards the hole in the ceiling but nothing had come down in an hour, Alexis and Alexander were on their phones... Things were relatively quiet in the basement. It was calmer, which I took as better despite the slithering sounds that were still coming from outside. Those sounds gave me the habit of looking at the ground for a second every minute.
I was emotionally drained too. My thoughts had calmed down a little bit, but it wasn't too significant.
I decided to visit Agent Daniels' room out of friendly curiosity. When I got there, Agent Daniels was crying. It didn't sound like a painful cry, though. I asked him if he was comfortable talking about whatever he was crying about. He told me he was going through another strong bout of nostalgia.
"I go through these like everyone else does. It's normal. Everyone was definitely happier before all the Nnotz stuff, but I'm most nostalgic for the late 2030s. Especially that one song that I loved… that got lost in the 2054 Cyberattack. It had lyrics using tying someone down as a metaphor for love. The singer sang about never letting someone go or whatever. It was such a nice warm simple song. I need it in times like these. I played it in my memory a lot when I was in that… place. It's from your time, in fact. It wasn't a smash hit or anything. It came out in the late 2010s," he said.
My mind was racing too much, and the sense of impending doom was too strong for me to think about music or anything I was interested in, for that matter. Everytime I tried to think about something I liked, I felt a tiny bit guilty about it. It was probably irrational though.
"I might know it… but my mind is racing a bit too much though, sorry. I definitely have the same thing with nostalgia, but I won't touch your case though, since you had to go through all this creature and cult stuff and more for the past few years. I'd die of nostalgia," I said.
I decided to leave him alone. He went to some weird other future reality that made his experience with all these creatures in this future reality a casual daily mild disruption.
A moment later, Arilyn told everyone she's taking me a bit more out west in case the cult members catch up. Alexander, Luke, and Alexis planned on seeing how far they could take their mini revolution. They were going to stick around on the outskirts of Winnipeg. Agent Edwards offered to come with us. I said goodbye and good luck to Agent Daniels. I wished him good luck on getting his friend back into human form somehow.
The three Opposition 5 members stood guard of the stairs in case any creatures tried to get in. Arilyn, Agent Edwards, and I cautiously walked up the stairs, out onto the ground outside. It was so dark. It didn't help that as we were walking away from the light coming from the basement. The cover for the stairs closed, so the last bit of light disappeared anyway. Of course, there was a hole in the basement ceiling, but it looked like it was being patched up.
It was kinda cold. I started to shiver. With all the creatures around, it was like hell had frozen over. The low slithering noises still surrounded the house. I didn't stop to think. I blindly ran through the dark night, kicking all the irregular shaped creatures out of my way. I didn't give myself time to process the feeling of what I knew was my shoe coming into contact with those uncanny limb shredding creatures, but that was probably for the best. I was too afraid of them anyway.
Arilyn, Agent Edwards and I were silent the first few minutes of driving west. I watched as those mysterious shadowy creatures jumped out of the way of the headlights before I could see more than a tenth of them. One thought I had was that those were actually the irregularly shaped creatures. Maybe they just didn't like light.
A thought started to bug me. I had only read up to the 2070 page of the history book. I didn't want to read further because it was too uncanny. I started to wonder if there was anything about an event that would imply that I was definitely going to die. I asked Arilyn. She said there's nothing about me or any time traveler or human time travel at all past 2070. It was ambiguous. Oh, then she told me she ripped out the 2071 - 2099 pages. I asked her why. She told me she didn't want me to try to change anything, especially in case it is time travel we're dealing with, rather than reality hopping. Also because she didn't want me to know what the world will become during the 2080s and what the state of the world will be afterwards. It must be really bad going by the facial expression she made for about a minute after answering me. At least there was a year 2101, going by the publication date. That only says so much though.
An hour into the drive, something grabbed onto the side of the car. I looked to my right. A head… one a colour I was confused about, a blue that glowed like a yellow… one with three eyes, sharp teeth on its lips and all over the inside of its mouth… was looking at me. I felt nauseous. I turned my head back to look out the windshield.
"That's the one that followed me back from Michigan," Agent Edwards said. "Don't look at it. It's different from the others."
I kept looking out the windshield. I heard the humanoid climbing on top of the car. I looked down at my lap to avoid eye contact with it.
"What does this one do?" Arilyn asked.
"It heightens all of your negative senses," Agent Edwards said.
"What's with its colour? I can't describe it," I said.
"It's blue-yellow. A forbidden colour. We can see it on him because he is tricking our eyes into seeing it. I took a picture of him before. He is actually yellow in appearance. He shows us the forbidden colour to confuse us," Agent Edwards said.
I kept my head down for ten minutes. I heard Arilyn grunting a bit. Some "Oh god" here... some "just go away" there... "Don't give in" was something she repeated to herself a dozen times. It got louder each time. This humanoid wasn't smashing the window, to my surprise, but that gave me some more chills.
At one point, I heard the sound of it falling off of the car. I lifted my head up. It was gone. I looked out the windshield again. The sky was still dark. The headlights only lit a meter of the road in front of us at all times. Clouds covered the sky, so there was no moonlight or northern lights to follow.
45 minutes later, as we continued driving in silence. I heard the sound of a fast plane in the distance. A fighter jet. It was in the sky miles ahead of us. A little light was spat out of the plane, flying to the right across the sky. I realized the light was a missile. I watched as it glided through the night sky. It exploded on a sphere close to the ground miles ahead. It lit up the area it hit for at least two seconds, revealing two Quads standing still in the general area. They were standing still. They each had four arms that were reaching towards the ground. They looked like spiders.
The plane spat out another missile. It hit the second Quad, the light from the explosion revealed a third Quad standing behind the other two. I started getting nervous at the sight of them.
Another plane followed behind the first plane. It launched a missile. Seconds later, the first plane exploded in a dark green light. The second plane turned back around, flying away from the Quads, which were now hidden in the dark again.
"Hopefully, that means this Mex Kala government is crumbling internally," Agent Edwards said.
While that sounded promising, I thought having the government war with itself would make things worse in the long run rather than better. Hopefully not, though. I didn't know much, but that was his thing, not mine.
We continued driving for another three hours. It was nothing but more weirdly shaped creatures jumping away from the headlights and trees everywhere in the dark. The larger shapes startled me. At one point, we traveled into Saskatchewan. I didn't have enough time to read the sign though. It was lit up green. The name was long, it started with an "S"... So yeah.
Closer to the end of the three hours, I was trying to guess the size of the next weird shape creatures. I got all of them wrong, except for one. I guessed I'd see a big one next. Surely enough, a big dark mass popped into the view of the headlights. Since we only had less than a second to react, we crashed into it. I flew forward. The seat belt got a bit tighter, automatically holding me back from flying out the windshield, but in a safe way.
"Oh my god, what did we hit?" Arilyn asked.
"Damn thing," Agent Edwards said.
I knew deep down it was the circular creature. It didn't move for ten seconds after we hit it, but then it started moving. It climbed on top of the car. I saw its underbelly. It was filled with moving fur, like a cat filled only with water. I looked down at my knees for the time being. The thing stayed still for ten minutes before a banging noise occured. Something hit it. It moved off of the car, rushing over to the side of the road. Arilyn didn't waste a second. She pushed the accelerator forwards. We sped off past the thing… the unnamed being.
We drove west for another hour before entering Regina. It was like everywhere else, but worse. Sleeping bags everywhere. I'm not blaming them, but the town couldn't have had more creatures in its suburbs than Winnipeg, could it? As we drove through the town, we drove past a church. The same jellyfish symbol hung over the door, more taser sticks stood up against the wall, more cameras... But something was going on inside. I only saw it for a few seconds since we were driving by, but there was a red fog behind the church. A similar red fog to the one The Sheriff arrived in. A small gust of wind pushed the car forward. People were running down the sidewalk across the street, rushing away from the direction of the church. The Sheriff was there too.
Our car shook, startling me.
"Damn pickup truck," Arilyn said.
The truck bumped into us a couple more times as we drove. I was hoping it was just someone trying to get somewhere as fast as they could. But when Arilyn took a right, they followed behind, sped up, then bumped the back of the car again. Arilyn looked into the rearview mirror.
"Oh god, it's some more cult members," Arilyn said.
We kept driving, continuously being bumped by the truck. Arilyn took a sharp right turn onto a suburban road. The sharp right pushed me up against the door. The truck took a couple seconds to catch up. When it did, we turned onto some road called Pasqua St. before it could bump into us again. We sped down the road. The truck wasn't too far behind us. Before it could bump us again, we turned onto a road called 5th Avenue. I never lived anywhere near Regina before, so I was unfamiliar with the place. As we drove up the street, our car was tipped over onto the sidewalk. It wasn't the pickup truck though...
Arilyn, Agent Edwards, and I unbuckled ourselves. We fell onto the roof of the upside down car. I was confused at what happened. But then I heard the sound of shattering glass. I looked through the windshield. Luckily, the windshield was tinted from the outside... A black spider-like arm pulled someone out of their window. They struggled as they were taken up into the air. Another arm reached into the window of the house across the street, pulling a person out of their bedroom. There was just enough light by then… 6 AM… for me to notice the outline of what was doing this. Eight spider-like legs stood on the road. Two Quads. They were pulling people out of their homes... Out of their bedrooms…
I had flashbacks to the Slarrow almost pulling me out of my home once or twice before. Like that time, again, I felt like I was frozen, my stomach felt like it was closing in on itself, etc. I decided to wait it out. They'd leave soon. Arilyn and Agent Edwards were doing the same thing.
They Quads walked over the car. I recalled in the history book, people were able to outrun the Quads. It was assuring, but I was stuck in a car. If one of those things bent down and saw me through the untinted passenger window, it was over. I could see the pickup truck in the side view mirror. It was sitting still. The two cult members were staring up at the Quads.
The Quads walked away, out behind our car and the pickup truck. They walked down the road as the sky began to turn dark blue. I sighed in relief, letting myself breath loudly again.
Then I heard truck doors opening… then closing. Seconds later, a taser stick was pointed at me through my window.
"Get out," a man said.
I looked towards Arilyn. A gun was being pointed towards her through the window on her side of the car. It was the other cult member.
"Come on," they said.
I opened the door. It was too dark to see the man clearly, but he was wearing a robe. I climbed out of the car. Arilyn climbed out on her end. So did Agent Edwards. As I stood up, I was poked with the stick. I felt a deep shock that rattled throughout me as I fell to the ground. I was then knocked unconscious.
I awoke in a mostly empty room. It was the size of a storage unit. The only thing in the room was a box of granola bars. There was a note on the box:
"Eat before we get going"
Arilyn was sitting to my right. She had already woken up moments earlier. Agent Edwards was dead asleep in the corner. Arilyn handed me her laptop. "Quick, if you have another message to post to your account do it now. They'll be back in an hour," Arilyn said. I felt warmth seeing the Google logo on the screen. It was already nostalgic though I had only spent 3.5 days in 2071.
Luckily I had a lot of the past night documented in my notes app. As I'm typing this little part up, the people who are coming to take us somewhere are about to walk into the room. They're talking about something. Something about Russia and China. Arilyn claims she knows what's planned, but she can't tell me. There's a deep look of concern on her face. As I typed that sentence, she said: "I shouldn't have brought you to 2071."
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2022.01.22 15:20 CitoyenEuropeen Je suis Mepassistants, I am Mepassistants, demandez-moi d’importe quoi, ask me anything. This week-end, on r/YUROP only.

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2022.01.22 15:20 Heff_YO Opening up a class action lawsuit against Mercari and it's loosely "regulated" counterfeit policies.

Just curious how many other people would seriously consider a class action lawsuit against Mercari and their crappy customer service team? Yes I've "contacted them" about 15 times over a year period... I read all over Google of people that have been shut down by Mercari, most cases are the seller claims something is fake and Mercari steps in and closes your account, or in my case, you sell an item that seems legit to post on their website and you get shut down...for me I can say I was selling a repro Pokemon game BUT I browsed THEIR website and saw many, many of these posted. So I thought ok, a Pokemon repro is ok...later I learned it is not.
But the fact remains, they shut down my account over a repro $18 fire red Pokemon game. I even priced it WAYY below value. I never wanted to rip anyone off, I just had a few from eBay and thought someone else could use a cheap copy.
I tried to explain my misunderstanding to CS and how they still have THOUSANDS of fake Pokemon games etc all over their website and all they send me is stupid robotic messages like "our decision remains" "your account will remain closed" You know, not an actual person that wants to listen to you, just trash scripted "service" Is there anyone else as upset as me and thinks Mercari needs to either; follow their policies to a T and shut down EVERY fake seller out there (maybe 1/3 of their current market😅) Or B. Actually get a support team in there to balance what is right/wrong, fake/real etc. Actually have a conversation with someone instead of what their script tells them.
Anyone else? Any other thoughts around this? Thanks.
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2022.01.22 15:20 Extreme_Homework7936 The Magnetic Fields' frontman Stephin Merritt released the soundtrack to Eban and Charley 20 years ago today in 2002

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